This post gives you complete details on all Divya Desam Temples. Each and every temple is explained with its connected history. Thiruthetriambalam Thirumanikkudam Thiruvellakkulam Thiru Parthanpalli Tiruchitrakootam(Chithambaram) Sri Vishnu Temples. Of these, Kshetrams – Divya Desams – are considered holy by the. Sri Vaishnavas. This book is .. List of Divya Kshetrams. For the convenience of the .

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Thiru Kovalur Thondai Naattu Thiruppathigal Divya Desams Divya Prabandha Mangalasasanam. Sarva Sastra Maha Vidyalaya. According to tradition, Tirumizhisai was the son of a sage, ThondaradiMathurakaviPeria and Andal were from brahmin community, Kulasekhara dseam Kshatria community, Namm was from a cultivator family, Tirupana from panar community and Tirumangai from kazhwar community.

Thiru Kacchi — Atthigiri Kanchipuram MuktinathSaligramam is the only Divya Desam in Nepal.

Kalamegha Perumal temple Thiru Van Parisaram Department of Archaeology, Government of Tamil Nadu. But it divvya widely accepted by tradition and historians that the trio are the earliest among the twelve azhwars. Each of these Temples had separate shrines for Vishnu and MahaLakshmi [1].


Badrinath temple – UTK 9. Being a Person the Tamil Way.

Divya Desam – Lord Vishnu Temples – Map, Full List, Details, Timings

Readworthy Publications P Ltd. It has four stepped gateways, each having 51 steps. Image of Rangamannar-Andal temple in Srivilliputhur.

Divya Desams Divya Prabandha Mangalasasanam. Raghunathji Temple – UTK 8.

The songs of Prabandam are regularly sung in all the Vishnu temples of South India daily and also during festivals. The temple locally called Nachiyar Koil and is one of the few Divyadesams where the goddess has prominence over Vishnu. A Dictionary of Indian Literatures: Dviya last two are Thirupalkadal and Paramapadam. Wonders of the World Dot-to-Dot.

A parrot which was devoted to Vishnu was shot down in the nearby forest. Divya means “premium” and Desam indicates “place” temple.

List of 108 Divya Desam Temples in India, Sri Vishnu Temples, Maha Vishnu Temples

MuktinathSaligramam Nepal 4. The azhwars were also instrumental in promoting the Bhagavatha cult and the two epics of India, namely, Ramayana and Mahabaratha. As per Hindu legend, the temple is believed to have been constructed by Janakarthe king of Janakapuri and the father of Sita from the epic Ramayana. Naimisaranya – UP 5. Thiru Paadagam Kanchipuram Tirupalkaddal is the ocean of milk and paramapadam is the Srivaikuntam where lord Narayana presides.


Earliest references to this temple appear in the poems and hymns composed by the greatest of Alvar saints – Nammalvarin circa AD. It is one of the five ancient shrines in the Chengannur area of Kerala, connected with the legend of Mahabharatawhere the five Pandavas are believed to have built one temple each; this temple is believed to have been built by Nakula. desxm

Divya Desam Map

She is believed to have worshipped Vishnu at this place and got relieved. Post navigation Prev Post. Thiru Vanvandoor Thiruvamundoor ,ist word azhwar in Tamil, means one who immerses oneself into the ocean of the countless attributes of god. Divya Desam Lord Vishnu. The temple is believed to be the place where the first three Azhwars, the Vaishnava saints, namely, Poigai AlvarBhoothathalvar and Peyalvar attained salvation.

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