Divya desam refers to Vishnu temples that are mentioned in the Divya Prabandham of 12 Alwars, collection of Tamil versus or Paasurams. A Divya Desam (Tamil: திவ்ய தேசம்) is one of the Vishnu temples that are mentioned in the works of the Tamil Azhvars (saints). Divya means. Divya Desams are Vishnu temples that are mentioned [Mangalasasanam – Praising the glory of the lord] in the works of the Alvars. Divya Desams means a.

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Divya Desam, Divyadesams, Sri Vishnu temples

According to tradition, Tirumizhisai was the son of a sage, ThondaradiMathurakaviPeria and Andal were from brahmin community, Kulasekhara from Kshatria community, Namm was from a cultivator family, Tirupana from panar community and Tirumangai from kazhwar community. Of the temples, are in Indiaone is in Nepaland last two are outside the Earthly realms. Thiru Kavith Thalam Thus it is believed that Vishnu descends here for all forms of life.


The azhwars were also instrumental in promoting the Bhagavatha cult and the two epics of India, namely, Ramayana and Mahabaratha. Sri Krishnar’s Prema Thathvam “Prema” means the affinity, the love; Every Jeevathma has to have this attachment only towards the Paramathma but due to various karmas, the love towards the supremacy is not completely shown.

Divay Andal’s ThirupPaavai – 30 Paasurams.

Wonders of the World Dot-to-Dot. The Rosen Publishing Group. Ramanujan, Attipat Krishnaswami Kaveri wanted to cleanse herself and approached Hindu god Brahma. Browse by Indian Hindu Temples. Imayavar Devas came to this ddivya prior to Yudhishthira and hence the deity here is referred as Imayavarappar.

Divya Desam Map

One desam the greatest Hindu scholars of Vaishnava VisishtAdvaita philosophy, Ramanuja is believed to have resided in this temple. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 21 February The last two are believed to be outside earthly realms.

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Divya Desam

Modern historians place the period of azhwars from the 5th to 8th century AD, but there is dispute about the chronology and relation between each other. Concise classified dictionary of Hinduism.

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Temples dviya Kerala, page The temple is only a few of the temples that are dedicated to the Hindu god Trimurti trinity namely VishnuShiva and Brahma.

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MuktinathSaligramam Nepal 4. Pandaripuram – Sri Pandarinathar Temple.

Nilathingal Thundam Perumal temple She is believed to have worshipped Vishnu at this place and got relieved.

Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple University of California Press. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism: According to these texts, the saints were considered incarnations of some form of Vishnu.

In Hindu texts, these temples are often referred to as Bhooloka Vaikuntamwhich in Sanskrit means Heaven on earth. Jyotirmath Joshimutt – UTK A parrot which was devoted to Vishnu was shot down in xivya nearby forest. Sarva Sastra Maha Vidyalaya. A Divya Desam Tamil:

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