View and Download GMC Yukon XL owner’s manual online. Automatic Transmission Operation There are several different positions for your shift lever. Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon Owners Manuals. Below you will find free PDF Chevrolet Tahoe Owners Manuals ยท Chevrolet Tahoe Owners. Find owner’s manuals and service manuals for all GM models here. Buick Service Manuals. GMC Service Manuals. Cadillac Service Manuals.

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Page Your warranty does not cover parts or components that fail because of overloading.

Push and pull the child restraint in different directions to be sure it is secure. If you hear a hiss, wait for that yuko stop. Start your engine; Shift into a gear; and Release the parking brake.


Page Foreign materials such as calcium chloride and other salts, ice melting agents, road oil and tar, tree sap, bird droppings, chemicals from industrial chimneys, etc. Page Cooling System Capacity After refill, the level must be rechecked. Traction Assist System option Remember: And there are different rules for smaller children and babies.

Page Electrochromic Mirror Operation The right side of the button, labeled TEMP and located at the bottom of the mirror, turns the electrochromic mirror on and off. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Rear Air Conditioning and Heating Systems If Equipped If your vehicle has one of these systems, you can increase and decrease the airflow at the rear vents.

Cleaning Tires To clean your tires, use a stiff brush with a tire cleaner. Testing the Alarm The alarm can be tested by following these steps: It can cause unconsciousness and death. If you need to replace a blown fuse in your Yukon, make sure you replace it with one that has the same amperage as the blown fuse. When towing your vehicle, turn the ignition to OFF. Try to start the vehicle with the dead battery.


You and your passengers could be seriously injured. Sitting in amnual reclined position when your vehicle is in motion can be dangerous. Press the SET button at the end of the lever, then release the button and the accelerator pedal.

With safety belts, you slow down as the vehicle does.

Interior Fuse Box Location: GMC Yukon – GMC Yukon SLT L V8

Manhal Wheel The tilt steering wheel allows you to adjust the steering wheel before you drive. Do not lubricate accelerator and cruise control cables.

In kwners case, you should press and re press the button on the hand transmitter every two seconds without ever releasing the button on the HomeLink Transmitter. Some add on electrical equipment can keep other components from working as they should.

Release both buttons when the indicator light on yukin HomeLink Transmitter begins to flash rapidly. For example, These symbols these symbols are important for are used on an you and your original battery: When you go in to order it, take the heaviest coat you will wear, so the extender will be long enough for you.

Batteries can yukoh you. In Sand, Mud, Ice or Sn While holding the rear of the seat up, use the wheels on the front of the seat to roll it towards the seat hooks in the floor. If the wheel has a smooth center piece, place the chisel end of the wheel wrench in the slot on the wheel and gently pry out. Other see details Time left: This setting also engages your front axle to help drive your vehicle. Readings between the low and high warning zones indicate the normal operating range. Be sure you have sufficient knowledge, experience, the proper replacement parts and tools before you attempt any vehicle maintenance task.

If your vehicle has this power door lock switch, press the bottom of the switch on either front door to lock all the doors at once. When you are doing this check, your vehicle could begin 20001 move.


Battery If this message is displayed when the engine is running, you may have a problem with your charging system. People can be injured, and both your vehicle and the trailer can be damaged.

Automatic Headlamp System When it is dark enough outside, your automatic headlamp system ownerss turn on your headlamps at the normal brightness along with other lamps such as the taillamps, sidemarker, parking lamps and the instrument panel lights.

Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon Owners Manuals

Make sure that the shoulder belt crosses the shoulder. Remove Fuse Take out the fuse in question and assess if blown.

There are parts of the air bag systems in several places around your vehicle. Vehicle Symbols Vehicle Symbols These are some of the symbols you may find on your vehicle. Here are some things you need 20011 know in order to help your vehicle pass an inspection: Use the keyless entry system if equipped or use the door key.

This is a mistake. GM Glass Cleaner or a liquid household glass cleaner will remove normal tobacco smoke and dust films on interior glass.

It should be worn over the shoulder at all times. A fluid loss in this system could indicate a problem. To unlatch the seat from the back of the floor, pull up on the release lever labeled 2 at the rear of the seat and lift the rear of the seat up, off of the floor.

GMC Yukon Owners Manual

How to Check Because this operation can be a little difficult, you may choose to have this done at the dealership service department. Service Your dealer knows your vehicle best and wants you to be happy with it. Special Fabric Cleaning Problems Here are some cleaning tips:

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