View and Download Polaris Sportsman HO owner’s manual online. Polaris Industries All-Terrain Vehicles Owner’s Manual. Sportsman HO Offroad. View and Download Polaris Sportsman EFI owner’s manual online. Offroad Vehicle Polaris Sportsman HO International Owner’s Manual Copyright Polaris Sales Inc. All information contained within this publication is based. Polaris Trail Boss Service Manual part 28M [ ] Polaris & Sportsman Service M [ ] Polaris EFI Owners.

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If this occurs, take the ATV to your Polaris dealer for proper diagnosis. Fuel Filter The in-line fuel filter should be replaced by your dealer after every hours of operation and any time the fuel becomes contaminated with dirt or debris.

Inspect, clean, lubricate, adjust and replace parts as necessary. Manufacturer Part Number The following signal words and symbols appear throughout this manual and on your vehicle.

Shift patterns vary, depending on your model. S Never operate on hills too steep for the ATV or for your abilities. Check your surroundings and determine your path of travel. Manuaal HO – Complete the recommended safety training before operating this vehicle.


Print & Online Polaris ATV Repair Manuals – Haynes Publishing

Oil and Filter Change Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. S Do not smoke or allow open flames or sparks in or near the area where refueling is performed or where gasoline is stored. Allow minutes of operation Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Lubrication Guide However, if these components are subjected to severe use, grease zerks have been provided for additional lubrication at the user’s discretion.

Position the vehicle on a level surface with the headlight approxi- mately 25 ft. When- ever traveling uphill, follow these precautions: Locate and correct any short circuits that may have caused the blown polariss, then replace the fuse.

Maintain brake fluid at the recommended level. Sportsman X2 – Operation on Public Lands in the U.

Download ATV Quad Complete Service Shop Repair Manuals PDF

On conventional batteries, remove the battery vent tube. Avoid operating the ATV through deep or fast-flowing water. Master Cylinder When checking the fluid level, the ATV must be on level ground with the handlebars straight.

A collision or rollover can occur quickly, even during routine maneuvers like turning, or driving on hills or over obstacles, if you fail to take proper precautions.

Always use Polaris-recommended spark plugs. Determine water depths and current before crossing. Your key can be duplicated only by mating a Polaris key blank with one of your existing keys, so if both keys are lost, the ignition switch must be replaced. Record your vehicle’s identification numbers and key number in the spaces provided. When the switch is on 2X4, the ATV is in two-wheel drive at all times.


Water accumulation increases as outside temperature decreases. Disconnect the red positive battery cable next. Your Polaris ATV is equipped with a reverse speed limiter. Never back 205 a hill.

Lubricate the gasket on the new filter with a film of new engine oil. Check for fouled plugs or foreign material in gas tank or fuel lines. Sportsman EFI Touring – When- ever riding a Polaris vehicle, always wear shatterproof goggles or use a shatterproof helmet face shield.

Add the recommended demand drive fluid as needed to bring the level to the bottom of the fill hole threads. Battery Battery Charging Conventional Battery 1.

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