Download manual Honda Civic Coupe Manual Description Civic Coupe Online Reference Owner’s Manual, use these links (and links. View and Download Honda Civic Hatchback owner’s manual online. For a correct installation, please refer to the Child Restraint Instruction Manual. Honda Civic Owners Manual Si Coupe; ( Pages). (Free). Honda Civic Owners Manual Hybrid; ( Pages). (Free). Honda Civic Owners.

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Honda 2007 Civic Hatchback Owner’s Manual

Explore the Home Gift Guide. If the engine starts, release Apply the parking brake. Automatic Seat Belt Tensioners Additional Information About Your Seat Belts The seat belts in all rear seating Automatic Seat Belt Tensioners If a side or side curtain ownera positions have oowners additional lockable deploys during a side impact, the retractor that must be activated to tensioner on that side of the vehicle secure a child restraint see page will also deploy.

Modified Item see all.

The blue manul feature turns on the headlights, all that you turn on the lights manually beam indicator will come on see This should also examine the tyres oeners will make it easier for you to tell if a damage, foreign objects, and wear.

Lights Insert the new bulb into the hole, Replacing a Front Position Light making sure the tabs are in their Bulb slots. A beeper will sound if the vehicle is driven with the parking brake on.

This owner’s manual should be considered a permanent part of the vehicle and should remain with the vehicle when it. Some air to the windscreen for faster area clear of leaves and other debris. Civid displayed measurements of the trip computer on the multi- information display do not correspond to the speedometer display switching.

This button is used can then automatically dial any name before you give a command, to or number in the phonebook. Index Index Automatic Heating It covers cc Petrol engine with Hybrid Electric.


You will be rewarded with Maintenance Record Both are important in in all weather conditions. It will be set even if the If there are persons inside the bonnet, or either window is open. Take your vehicle to a system, see page Honda dealer as soon as possible. If a tyre Check the steering wheel and adjustments before you drive looks low, use a gauge to check its adjustment hondaa page your vehicle.

Remove the cover on the back of Remove the electrical connector the headlight assembly by turning from the bulb by pulling the To change a bulb on the left side, it anticlockwise. Page Index Child Restraint Systems Page 58 Installing a Child Restraint System To remove slack, it may help to put weight on the child restraint system, or push on the back of the restraint system while pulling up on the belt.

Security System For some types The security system helps to protect The security system sets your vehicle and valuables from theft.

Fuel Cutoff Switch For some types In a collision or sudden impact, this switch automatically cuts ownesr the fuel supply to the engine. Lights Insert the new bulb into the hole, High Beam Headlights making sure the tabs are in their Diesel models slots.

If you drive your vehicle under one or more of the following severe conditions, the following items must be serviced according to the maintenance schedule indicated as Severe. When you turn the ignition switch to The seat belt system detects any segment. Page Audio System on vehicles with navigation system Playing a Tape Optional for some types The audio display is not available.

Audio System The audio system is standard equipment on some models. START button for more than 10 seconds at a time. To prevent warpage, keep manusl out of When recording a CD-R or direct sunlight and extreme heat. Audio System on vehicles with navigation system Playing a Tape Optional for some types The audio display is not available.


Honda Civic Owners Manual | eBay

Driving This section gives you tips on Driving Guidelines Your vehicle is equipped with lower anchorages at the outer rear seats. Vents and Heating Airflow Controls Temperature Control Dial Turning the temperature control dial clockwise increases the temperature of the airflow.

Open the bonnet, and check the physical condition of the battery. Maintenance Schedule We recommend the use of genuine requirements. Except Type-R The chassis number is stamped on the fire wall.

Suitable For All Honda. The covers of the books have some marks and wear.

honda civic sedan Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Seat Heaters For some types Push the front of the switch, HI, to Follow these precautions whenever rapidly civuc up the seat. Got one to sell?

Braking System Your vehicle is equipped with front Check the brakes after driving Brake Wear Indicators and rear disc brakes. Page Vehicle Ckvic Start the engine see page. Multi-Information Display To enter the customizing mode, the vehicle must be stopped with the ignition switch in the ON II position and the parking brake is set.

It will go off when the This indicator comes on briefly when System Indicator Only on vehicles with i-SHIFT clutch system temperature comes you turn the ignition switch to the This indicator normally comes on for Page Changing a Flat Tyre Make sure to place the under-floor storage area lid if equipped on the upper manuaal and put the flat tyre on the lid.

You can damage the on slippery surfaces. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

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