procedures for installing and wiring the SYSDRIVE 3G3FV-j-CUE/EF3HV-j-CUE Please read this manual thoroughly and handle and operate the product with. The SYSDRIVE 3G3FV is OMRON’s new special-purpose inverter. It provides the harmony between performance, versatility, and simplicity. Using a unique. Manuals and User Guides for Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV. We have 1 Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV manual available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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When the voltage limit restricted by the input power supply is reached near the rated motor speed, vector control cannot be established and speed accuracy will be reduced.

OMRON SYSDRIVE 3G3FV Series Inverters

Deceleration time 3gfv in b Transportation Precautions Caution Do not hold by front cover or panelinstead, hold by the radiation fin heat sink while transporting the product. Changed descriptions of E and E Chapter 5 Basic Operation H Presetting Frequency Reference Values d through d Parameters d through d contain preset reference values 1 through 8.

An incorrect power supply may result in fire, injury, or malfunction. When trim control increase and decrease are selected as multi-function contact input functions setting: Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Installation Procedure 1. Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Settings The following table shows only those settings related to the torque limit function.

Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV User Manual

Tuning Parameters c Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Reference Parameters d H Setting the Frequency Reference Function d2 The frequency reference function sets the output frequency upper and lower limits.

For models of 15 kW or less both V and V classdo not remove or mount the front cover without first removing the Digital Operator; Replace the electrolytic condenser. Make ad- justments in the following cases: In that case, use a higher rank Inverter with parameter L set to 0 and parameter L set to 1. Born to drive machines; v class three-phase input 0. The motor will operate during auto-tuning, so be sure that it is safe for the motor to operate before press- ing the Run Key.


Checking 3g3f Display Status In addition, cooling effects also diminish in the low-speed range, resulting in an increase in the motor manal. Chapter 6 Advanced Operation When the input terminal is used for torque compensation: Caution Install external breakers and take other safety measures against short-circuiting in external wiring. The torque reference value cannot be set with the Digital Operator.

Chapter 3 Preparing for Operation Auto-tuning Mode The auto-tuning function automatically tunes and sets the required motor parameters when operating in the open-loop or flux vector control modes.

Chapter 6 Advanced Operation The multi-function outputs can be set to 3g3ffv any of the U1 Inverter status items by setting the last two digits of the parameter number U1- Refer to page for a table listing all of these U1 settings. Application Control contents Sensors used example Speed control Speeds are matched to target values as speed Tacho-generator information in a mechanical system.

Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV Manuals

Lit when in operation mode. Mounting The Digital Operator Chapter 2 Installation Mounting the Front Cover Mount the front cover to the Inverter by taking in reverse order to the steps to remove the front cover after wiring the terminals. Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Selecting Auto-tuning Carrier Frequency The auto-tuning carrier frequency is by default set to a value higher than that used for conventional models to improve the accuracy of auto-tuning.

Option Parameters f Table Of Contents If speeds are unstable, raise the set value. After the basic settings common to all of the control modes are introduced, the basic set- tings specific to each control mode will be explained. Initialize the torque limit parameters H to H Not doing so may result in electrical shock or fire.


Table of Contents Open-loop Vector Control DC braking is used to prevent the motor from rotating due to inertia or external forces when the Inverter is stopped.

Be sure to remove the short bar before connecting a DC reactor. One of these four values, the output voltage, can be changed to a different value. Set the speed limit bias as a percentage of the maximum frequency. Set so that the following condition will be satisfied.


Not doing so may result in fire. Page Chapter 6 Advanced Operation With this setting, the multi-function input resets faults that have occurred. This can be adjusted, however, by set- ting a shorter deceleration time than for the 0 setting, so that the actual deceleration time will also be shorter. Page Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Reducing Long-cycle Vibration If vibration occurs with a longer cycle than the integral time I set value, it means that integral operation is strong.

The parameters which can be dis- played and changed depend on the access level and control mode that are being used.

Chapter 6 Advanced Operation With this setting, the multi-function input can be used to enable or disable the multi-function analog input. PID control feedback cannot be set for more than one analog input.

Installation Chapter 2 Installation Mounting Wiring Parameter Display name Setting Chapter 5 Basic Operation Set whether phase A or phase B leads when the motor operates in the forward direction. If the wiring distance between the Inverter and the motor is long, raise the set value.

This section provides the procedure to change the acceleration time to 20 manuall in each access level.

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