Planetstrike, “a game of glorious invasions and desperate last stands” the long- awaited expansion to 40K that has had players drooling in anticipation since. Myself and a couple friends are gonna try a planetstrike game this coming week Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop. In a game of Planetstrike, the players take on specific roles – one player is the attacker, attempting to wrest control of a planet, and the other is the defender, who.

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About this expansion Warhammer 40, Finally, it speeds the game up, since your strategy will be more coordinated. Warhammer40k subscribe unsubscribereaders 1, users here now About Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop, detailing the far future and the grim darkness it holds.

Warhammer 40k Planetstrike Games Workshop GW

Pick your stratagems after planetatrike your opponent’s army. You could opt to go to ground. December 29th — Imperial Knights Dethroned. These can be used alongside your codex to forge your army into a mighty invasion force or an armoured wall of stalwart defenders.

This site uses cookies: That’s not to say that games cannot be played atthe plqnetstrike range, but I strongly recommend not playing belowas the Stratagems and initial Firestorm become much more overpowered at this level – Planetstrike games should be moving at such pace, after some games to familiarise yourself with the basics, that even a point game could be completed in a day without any difficulty. Force organization chart In Planetstrike, the defenders has to have one HQ and two troops choices as a minimum, but you can have up to three HQ, eight troop choices, and up to six heavy support choices.


Warhammer 40k WH40k 7th Edition. What’s a good point ratio for planetstrike self. Fluff and Painting Section Next up plabetstrike large section covers many famous invasions of the 40th Millenium, covering every race out there. The 440k force knows that the attack is coming and has had time to lay down defences.

Planetstrike plays the way Apocalypse was supposed 400k – if it’s cool, it should be planeetstrike on the table. If you ever have to plan a invasion it is best to land where there is no opposition, assaulting dig in fortification tends to need 10 attacking troops to every 1 defending solder see D-day landings in WWII Synopsis The idea behind Planetstrike is to represent the invasion re-claiming?

Take 6 Deathstrikes, all in Reserve, as Defender.

When is the last time you played a Planetstrike game? I had a single commander left after attackers turn 1.

Also reserves give you a chance to counter attack. The force organisation charts for attacker and defender are quite different from each other, and quite different from the standard force organization chart. Once again, we see Witchhunters and Daemonhunters left in the cold strategem-wise. Oh, one more thing – I recommend creating a house rules stratagem for Chaos as the attacker that isn’t rubbish. While not as over the top as the Apocalypse books, we get to see every major race slugging it out in and around the new Planetstrike terrain sets.

Each one must be a fortress against the void, lest alien warlords and renegade generals claim them for their own.

40K NEWS: Planetstrike goes Digital – Bell of Lost Souls

Even small rag-tag remnants of attacking squads can achieve victory. With Planetary Empires out next month, so much the better! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Because of this I highly recommend that you have two army lists written out in advance.


How NOT to Play Planetstrike – Articles – DakkaDakka

I had points of Tau, my teammate had points of ad-mech. How was your experience playing planetstrike and were you using the chapter approved missions?

Just before I continue, some questions are doubtless forming for those of you who play Nids, Daemons, Dark Eldar etc, and wondering why on earth you would want to defend the predominantly Imperial structures that adorn our battlefields?

Rather than risk GW ire by explaining the missions individually, I’ll simply name them, and hope you can discern their meaning. As the defender you have the opportunity to set up the table terrain as you want. Lastly, it is cheaper and more accessable than Apocalypse supplements, being an add-on to the core game. Planetstrike, “a game of glorious invasions and desperate last stands” the long-awaited expansion to 40K that has had players drooling in anticipation since even before the awesome new FoC was unveiled.

From their steel bellies legions of assault troops hurtle down into orbit to meet the withering fire of ranks of grim-faced defenders.

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