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Among the pipelines in Turkey security kznun BTC has a special role. This study focuses on the issues which are thought to be missing and therefore have to be restored in the area of pipeline security in the current and future Turkish pipeline projects.

Iran pipeline, in particular, has become a major taarget for the attacks. In Turkey, the incidents like sabotage, theft, terrorist attacks, and vandalism that arise concerns to pipeline security may be encountered. Therefore a more general concept or method should be devised in order to assign private security firms in this kind of service when deemed necessary.

Here main inspector and controller of the system will be still the JGK, however this job will be done by a seperate security corporation whose sole responsiblity is pipeline security and a professionally formed private organization. This feasbile transfer may be subjected to terrorist attacks, sabotages, vandalism acts and petrol thiefness.

Through these implications, efforts security forces would be more productive functioning. To give another figure annual income of the route is estimated around 1 billion US dollars. Remember me on this computer. Pipeline Security Implications in Other Countries It has been seen that, in many countries, regional security measure are taken for providing pipeline security.

For this reason, new alternative initiatives should be encouraged within coordination of JGK in order to enhance and optimize pipeline security system.

With the current pipeline security structure, JGK which actually fulfills its security duty, does not have a seperate budget that is spared only for pipeline security.


For example, to establish a security structure similar to Georgia is not easy in Turket due to legal applications, however, there is still a way by activating the mechanism of City Security Councils, which is very impracticle. Pipeline security system depends mainly on the JGK military personnel who are assigned for 2 years as an average and have no special experince on pipeline security. There are 22 security teams and 11 security posts in service in order to protect the pipeline. Today, after proper arrangements, these stations have not only been used for protecting their respective pipelines, bu also cross-used for protecting other pipeline that intersect neigboring pipleines.

Furthermore in order to take the burden of security forces, security service buying from private corporations should be examined. This administration is resonsible for providing security parameters, and achieve the security targets by means of civilian and public security corporations.

This force named Special State Protection Service with special and civilian security guards that only fulfill the responsibility of pipeline security. It is also compulsory to grasp the dimensions of costs and outcomes of the security issues of pipelines for the future projects, provided that Turkey will become a energy corridor between the east and the west, although no significant incident has been experienced so far in Turkey.

Kamu Düzeni ve Güvenlik Hizmetleri Müdürlüğü

In the short term, physical security of the main facilities has to be revised and new ways of strengthining pipeline security should be investigated immediately. Nabucco natural gas pipeline that aims to transfer the oil from Caspian basin to the European markets is a major pipeline project that will pass through Turkey. BTC which has a total length of km, stretches km. With increasing pipeline projects in Turkey, this issue becomes a new security item, even a security problem itself.

Pipeline Security in Turkey | MELIH BASDEMIR and Mitat Celikpala –

Among alternative pipeline security methods, reconissance and surveliance UAVs, fiber optic cable operated pipelines, physical optimization and reinforcement studies, carbon-fiber coating, fast repair teams, may be counted.

Here, JGK should be the inspecting authority, not the performing authority of the pipeline security. The difference in security applications between the region east of Sivas where terrorism activities posed threat in the past, and that of western regions verifies this fact.


Yet, new ways of maintaining pipeline security is being investigated in Russia. Millions of urban and rural dwellers are increasingly bound to the energy resources which are carried by the pipelines.

This new security structure should not be an alternative option to current system, it should be regarded as an optimization study of the functioning pipeline security system. In summary, Turkey has to turn the natural gainings of its geography into advantage, fulfilling its national interests. On this table this information is not covered. Pipeline Security in Turkey.

Pipelines and its facilities should be reinforced with technologically supported physical sanctions. This issue is regarded as an intrinsic and comprehensive part of pipeline security view.

Within the city districts, sensitive infrastructe of pipelines without security protocols, such as vanes, main junction points, pump stations, refineries are protected by the measures posed by the governorship.

One other issue to discuss is the use of technology on pipeline security. The issue kahun maintaining pipeline security becomes much more interesting by introducing newer pipeline routes and projects.

Kanunn has been claimed that especially after completion of Nabucco Project 12, which is seriously negotiated between Turkey and EU, about a route over Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria and another transfer route between Turkey, Greece, Turkey will become a energy terminal13 for Europe.

However, this permission is not very practical for the pipeline case.

This will also halp Turkey to be a leader country on pipeline security in the region. In the kann of energy infrastructure and related issues, security is considered to be the most projecting concern in todays energy arenas.

Although these meeting are done by means of BTC security protocol and contributes the system profoundly, main responsibility of the security lies to JGK.

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