This book’s precursor, A Mencken Chrestomathy (collection), was a bestseller in ; this anthology of short excerpts from a range of works, selected and. Henry Louis Mencken (September 12, – January 29, ) was an American journalist, .. In the same article which he later re-printed in the Mencken Chrestomathy, Mencken primarily contrasts what real scientists do, which is to simply. The culling of the best, the choicest passages, from the famous Prejudices, which in their day made Mencken leader of the iconoclasts, shocker.

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The Mencken Chrestomathy is a collection of Mencken’s writings that he thinks are representative of his best work on different subjects. In the spirit of Mencken, I must retract my previous statement: Show me heads of ordinary children who are worth one ‘Heart of Darkness,’ and I’ll subside.

He thinks governance should be provided by an aristocracy. Democracy gives [the beatification of mediocrity] a certain appearance of objective and demonstrable truth. He reported, edited, published, etc. How lacking it is in any element of intellectual growth?

A Second Mencken Chrestomathy

He did much to chhrestomathy Dreiser despite freely admitting his faults, including stating forthrightly that Dreiser often wrote badly and was a gullible man. In these chapters, especially the first two, Mencken is primarily concerned with elucidating his contempt for the normal male of the species; and comparisons of that abject specimen to the female of the species is one of the chief examples he uses to justify this contempt.


Homo Sapiens, Types of Men, Women. Of the two, the facts are enormously the more important. Retrieved November 23, Account Options Sign in.


A nation too long at peace becomes a sort of gigantic old maid. People need to read more Mencken. In the Arkansas legislature passed a motion to pray for Mencken’s soul after he had called the state the “apex of moronia. The work shows not only how American English differs from British English but how the year American experience shaped American dialect.

As a result, his papers as well as much of his personal library, which includes many books inscribed by major authors, are held in the Library’s Central Branch on Cathedral Street in Baltimore. He was an unabashed elitist with an absolute disdain for much of humanity.

A Mencken Chrestomathy by H.L. Mencken

If chemists were similarly given to fanciful menxken mystical guessing, they would have hatched a quantum theory forty years ago to account for the variations that they observed in atomic weights. On the other hand, his prose is never dull and frequently passionate.

He skewered pompous politicians, bombastic ministers and grandiose businessmen.

And his essay The Hills Of Zion is evidently, and understandably, regarded as a classic piece of reportage, brilliantly evoking the heat and fervour of a backwoods revivalist meeting. There is no need for statistics chrestomxthy scientific physics, since one should simply look at the facts while statistics attempts to construct mathematical models.

Now it’s true that these are, actually, profound questions. He builds comic suspense better than anyone except Twain menckn has a slapstick sensibility which is still unbeaten.


A Mencken Chrestomathy by H.L. Mencken | : Books

Mencken recommended for publication philosopher and author Ayn Rand ‘s first novel, We the Livingcalling it “a really excellent piece of work. Please provide an email address. Mencken went on to build himself a reputation as one menckwn America’s most brilliant writers and literary critics.

Except he suffered many of the same problems Nietzsche suffered from– a man without a chest, complaining about other men chretsomathy lacked chests. I fear that he had sometimes too much confidence in his own powers of pure reasoning, leading, for instance, to views on the South presented at length that flirt disturbingly close to racism, spuriously ascribing cultural phenomena to genetic lineage: My library Help Advanced Book Search. It’s that those sentences have a pulsing rhythm that seem to pour forth from him in a steadily increasing tempo, the logic and rhythm always in perfect harmony.

Chrestonathy is thus a diverse anthology of what HLM presumably regards as his best writing; and certainly it is nothing if not interesting.

There is nothing in this book from any of his earlier collections that were still in print — only things that that had either never appeared in book form before eg, items written for the Baltimore Sunor from books then out of print.

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