The goal of the ABAP Workbench Foundations (BC) course is for you to gain a detailed knowledge of the fundamental concepts of ABAP. In this course, students gain knowledge of the fundamental concepts of ABAP and learn how to comfortably and efficiently work with the ABAP Workbench tools . ABAP/4 Development Workbench. Objectives Chapter 2. The ABAP/4 Programming Language. ABAP/4 Development Workbench Architecture. ABAP/4 : General.

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Operations on the Whole Internal Table The following operations affect the whole internal table: The third level is the presentation server level. Using Global Structures for Dialogs If you use an elementary structure component to define an input field for a selection screen, you can use the semantic attributes as well as the technical attributes: You reduce the volume of data that you need to read from abzp database when you create the basic list.

Example of a Detail List in an Application We will now write nc400 program using both basic lists and detail lists: Each time the user bx400 a pushbutton, function key, a menu function, or Enter, the system initially carries out a type check. This transaction provides you with a tree-like overview of all objects within a package or program. Subroutines Exercise Objectives After completing this exercise, you will be able to: The project manager assigns all project team members to the change request.

Sorting a Standard Table You can sort standard tables by the table key or by any column, simply by entering the column name after the BY addition to the SORT statement. This should be processed before absp standard selection screen is transmitted.


ABAP Workbench Foundations BC | Computer school Gopas, a.s.

Reading Contents Using a Loop You can use a LOOP to read and process the contents of an internal table by accessing the structure components within the loop. In executable programs, there are further event blocks available for different tasks that are designed for creating lists.

Also, you can then start the program alternatively by entering the transaction code in the command field.

The ABAP runtime system does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters for keywords, additions, and operands. The horizontal distribution of database components, however, depends on the type of database installed.

Person Responsible This person has full responsibility for the objects in this package. Open the node Fields. Using this, you then define the data object: The interaction between one user and one ABAP program will bc4000 of primary interest to us during this course.

The exact processes involved in user dispatching on an application server are secondary to understanding how to write an ABAP program.

Authorization Check Exercise Objectives After completing this exercise, you will be able to: Where in the program are they defined? Key fields If the rows requested from the database are being anap according to key fields, the Database Optimizer can perform access using a primary index. User dialogs BC 3.

Technical Structure of a Transparent Table You normally use a data element to type a table field. In the ABAP program, you can then define data objects using the Dictionary structure structured data type. Thus these parameters and data objects can only be addressed from within the subroutine.


There is an input field on the selection screen. Use the LOOP statement to do this. Assigning Actions to Buttons In step three of our example, you will learn how to assign pushbutton functions.

Analyzing field contents 1. The system, depending on the message text, inserts these values into the message text.

You must specify the three-digit message number and the message class. Entering Value Sets Selection screens allow you to define selection options for complex entries as well as simple input fields.

This makes all information about the object available to you, including semantic information about its data elements and foreign key dependencies. If, for example, a user wishes to execute your program and there is still no generated version, the system will use the active version for generation. This considerably reduces the load on the network. In order to keep a better overview in this course, we will display all keywords and their additions in uppercase letters, and all operands bd400 lowercase letters.

ABAP Workbench Foundations

If possible, avoid literals completely when using statements. In the dialog box that appears, enter the required transaction code. Value Assignments When a program is started, the program context is loaded into a storage area of the application server and made available for all the data objects. ABAP has been developed further from release to release. Developing Programs and Organizing Wbap Exercise 2:

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