components of CA ACF2. There are also ISPF panels that perform the same functions as the TSO ACF command. For more on the ISPF panels, see the. You can protect operator commands using CA ACF2. When an operator command is issued, SAF issues a CMDAUTH call to the CA SAF. CA ACF2 displays your logonid record if you have not specified an Activates building the commands that are used to recreate a user and.

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Press Enter to add another line.

Displaying logonids using LIST

A common variation is to enter a number after the “I”. Submit the job and review the output. Extract the contents of the following file to caf2 temporary directory, distribution zip archive file.

Pioneer can be controlled by commands via Operator Interface with the commands given in Table Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The job card will usually be the first three lines of commans batch file. The following topics provide more information on post-processing: Table Pioneer Commands and Descriptions.

System Exits capture these events in real time. Voyager performs their functions. If SMS is being used this JCL will have to be changed to match installation definitions for these type and size datasets. Press F3 to finish editing the file. Here is the list of the files which matched what you entered.

Pioneer needs to be able to perform all functions for IRR. Enter D in the number area on the line that you want to delete. Review and change the LPA library name to meet installation standards.


Deploying the IdF Advanced Adapter for ACF2

Any actions performed by the submitted stream are independent of Pioneer processing. The Upload File dialog box is displayed with the following options: There are also variations to the insert line command.

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This will display a list of the files that match. See Appendix F for information about Pioneer control file parameter descriptions. The allocations are adequate. Enter the restore parameters in response to each Receive command you enter.

Click OK to initiate file upload. Both the program that runs on the mainframe system and the user account it runs under must have APF commans.

It can be a steplib or added to the systems existing Linklist. Pioneer dynamically allocates ‘TEST. To indicate the number of lines to insert: XMIT’ and the sending or local file name is as follows:.

The RC acf be Press Enter to verify that the jobs have completed successfully. The second portion of the dataset name is only a reference to illustrate the correspondence between the STC Pioneer and Voyager to the datasets. XMIT’ and the sending or local file name is as follows: Voyager scf2 needs to be able to perform IRR.

The Voyager captures native mainframe events by using System Exits.

That is the fully qualified name. Submit the JOB stream and review the output. Check that the exit modules have been loaded. I am having trouble finding the different commands for ACF2 Mainframe, I want the set of commands whichenables me to create, delete, update assign permission, revoke uext for user and group, Could anyone please list those command?


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. By clicking “Post Vommands Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. They are events occurring from the TSO logins, the command prompt, batch jobs, and other native mainframe events.

An XMIT file is an archived file format used on the mainframe. The following is commandss procedure to upload files by using the QWSP emulator:. The Alias processing is controlled by the usage of a Pioneer parameter in its control file. Display the exits that are loaded.

Use the arrow keys or the mouse to position the cursor to the line to enter text. If single quotation marks are not used, then the PDS is created with a prefix of the user name that you are logged on with. Each Pioneer and Voyager must have their own set of files.

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