A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge [Josh Neufeld] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Now in paperback, The New York Times best- selling. “Josh Neufeld is a master storyteller. A.D. is intimate and yet seismic in its scope. His art takes us to the depth of the humanity of those we. Because, reading A.D: New Orleans after the Deluge on the Internet with interactive multimedia web links gave an experience that was not like.

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They were tears born from frustration, anger, disgust, and sadness.

A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge – Wikipedia

If getting the facts right doesn’t seem like such a feat, all I have to do is remember the rumors, rush to judgment, false reporting and misunderstandings that occurred then. And you probably know what happened to me, too: My only criticism is that, while Neufeld chose five different stories of folks affected by the h I really liked this book. And what was wrong with FEMA?

The first three sections of A. Those experiences with the Red Cross gave me a sense of connection that later provided vital background deluve context for A.

A.D. by Josh Neufeld | : Books

Oct 06, Malbadeen rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 12, Greg Brozeit rated it really liked it Shelves: And his use of varied colors for different chapters helps keep the reader involved. View all 6 comments. The web version of A. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I keep wanting to cut it some slack but I think it’s just sympathy kicking in because I feel guilty for disliking it so much. Denise and her family, having momentarily escaped the flooding, await transport out of the flooded city.

Really excited to watch AD develop… 1. Jun 24, Nnedi rated it it was amazing. A Few Perfect Hours: And of course, the physical book is missing: Also in Pantheon Graphic Library. Oct 16, Renice rated it really liked it Shelves: Cartoonist Josh Neufeld depicts seven extraordinary true stories of survival in the days leading up to and following Hurricane Katrina. Most of the group are rebuilding and attempting to deal with their losses.


Overwhelming demand has propelled A. Winds and rain lash New Orleans and BiloxiMississippi. Salvation finally came in the form of looters who distributed stolen food and water from a nearby Rite Aid. Newsweek said it best, “Raw and painful, down to the detailed depictions of ruined homes and the frenzied dialogue among friends. Dec 05, Dionisia rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Before Hurricane Katrina, I had very little personal connection to New Orleans, other than the fact that my wife and I had visited the city for about a week in Jan 25, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: My only criticism is that, while Neufeld chose five different stories of folks affected by the hurricane to choose people of different races, classes, and experiencesI felt that the story of the minister’s sonm, Kwame, who evacuated and later lived in Berkeley, and the story of the doctor who stayed in the French Quarter, were a bit weak.

This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat Scheduled for publication on the fourth anniversary of the hurricane, it shines an uncanny light on the devastating truths and human triumphs of New Orleans after the deluge.

Things that made sad and horrified and all that jazz. Using himself as a tool, Neufeld effectively moves the story towards its finish, all the while reminding his audience that the characters were in a sense not characters at all, but real people living under real circumstances.

One of the characters, Leo, works there now is a nice guy who is ready to talk to you about comics and everything when you go into the store. Secondly, there is one character who uses very foul language every time she opens her mouth, including the f-word. Open Preview See a Problem? New Orleans After the Deluge is a quick read with engaging artwork, likeable characters, and honest dialogue.


That said, oh, wow, the use of color was atrocious.

A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge

They will have few if any papers normally thf to make claims for aid, they will have no work for the mid- to long-term, and most will have lost all their worldly possessions and mementos. I really hate the blurb on the back of the book that compares calling this a “comic” is akin to calling a “film” a “talkie.

Books like Palestine and Safe Area Gorazde should be required reading in every world politics course. I also hope that readers will understand what it means that Denise, Leo, Michelle, Abbas, Darnell, Kwame, and Brobson are still rebuilding their lives and that the city they love has a long way to go, too.

Actually, the art is superb throughout.

The story also moves from the exterior landscape of the city itself to the highly personal, interior houses of the characters, as the spectator watches comic book collections dissolving, pets getting pinned under rubble, foundations and walls crumbling upon the bed where a character slept only a few hours prior, and so on. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

This seemed to just skim the surface. The migraine-prone – Those colors! We will have to prevent further damage—now. The dialogue was often clunky and Praise for Shooting War.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The only break from my day-by-day coloring system is when the storm actually hits which took place over parts aa.d.new two days.

Two spooky things happened surrounding the reading of this book. He tells the story of only these 7 people, but he does so well.

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