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AGMA Gear Handbook Gear Classification, Materials and Measuring Methods for Bevel, Hypoid CNCL S/S BY AGMA * CONTAINS FOLDOUT. Buy AGMA A (R) Handbook – Gear Classification, Materials And Measuring Methods For Bevel, Hypoid, Fine Pitch Wormgearing And Racks . Jan 12, Buy AGMA GEAR CLASSIFICATION, MATERIALS AND MEASURING METHODS FOR UNASSEMBLED GEARS from SAI.

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A left–hand pinion is used throughout.

Item Detail – AGMA A

The results indicate the tolerance that the parts will have to meet to pass the SPC requirements. Provision is required for the work and reference gears to rotate with a minimum of runout or wobble.

Aga patterns are representative of those on a right–hand pinion or a straight bevel pinion as well. This 39.003 when a gear is cut with runout, and then shaved or ground on a machine that does not have a rigid drive coupling the tool to the workpiece.

Are you an Engineering professional? In such a case, the purchaser must agree on the details of the additional specifications concerning how the matching is to be performed and verified.

The American National Standards Institute does not develop standards and will in no circumstances give an interpretation of any American National Standard. The average of the readings indicates the part size. This standard provides the gear manufacturer and the gear buyer with a mutually advantageous reference for uniform tolerances. This often will include use of a rotary axis with an encoder–controlled index. When the gear is shaved, it is run with a tool that maintains a constant, rigid center distance, but is not connected to the workpiece by a drive train.

Brad Foote Gear Works, Inc.

You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. See annex B, figure Agka. The following rules will determine the correct signs to be used with these movements: Download Now White Paper: Accurate records are a fundamental requirement for proper evaluation of bevel gear contact patterns.

  ISO 21049 PDF

Generally, the gear is cut to the theoretical size as measured by the gear tooth calipers and the pinion is then cut to provide the specified backlash.

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Examples of these are: It is also the method used for accurately determining the quantity and direction of bias. Page numbers in the text of the Standard are unchanged. This may be done by means of a dial indicator or a recording device. The following qualities are achievable: Lead variations do, however, influence other motion transmission variations that result from profile variations, due to the influence of overlap or aga contact ratio.

Aggma force needs to be uniform over the entire reading scale. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. This measurement is performed to control: The tolerance only applies to radial runout as defined in 5.

The total single flank composite tolerance, FisT, has been selected as qgma reference for these approximation formulas. Already Subscribed to this document.

To convey the maximum amount of information, however, the names of several sgma have been rearranged so the principle characteristics will be grouped together. Guidelines to measurement options: Other measuring methods are provided in 5. Single flank composite tolerance, total, FisT, is to be calculated according to equation Sound variation also characterizes the existence of runout.

The tooth contact is an indication of correct tooth shape, both up and down the tooth profile and lengthwise on the tooth. AGMA technical publications are subject to constant improvement, revision, or withdrawal as dictated by experience.

However, this should be used only when the parts have a press fit in assembly. The total movement between the toe and heel readings is obtained by subtracting the heel reading from the toe readings algebraically.


At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. The gears are mounted together in a special test rolling machine with a fixed mounting distance and with encoders or other devices to measure rotational motion. Students Click Here Join Us! Any clearance between the test gear bore or hub and mounting stem or bushing will be reflected in the measurement results; — Mounting: The inspection of gearing mated in an assembly for a specific application is agam the scope of this standard.

Double flank gear test Single flank gear testing Measures variation in center distance Measures rotational movements Figure 3900.3. Single pitch variation AP: This technology requires suitable software and careful procedures; the alternative, which is more common, is to inspect the tooth shape with contact pattern testing.

To achieve statistical compliance, the manufacturing tolerance must be smaller than the print tolerance. Gears can be tested by pairs or with master gears. Shifting of tooth contact shows presence of runout. This measurement technique produces analytical results analogous to the elemental measurements for spur and helical gears.

The encoders may also be used portably, by attaching them directly to the input and output shafts of an actual gear box so as to inspect the quality of a complete train of gears. To determine the manufacturing tolerance requirement, the following starting point is recommended: This is because the present measurement capabilities have uncertainty values too large to allow for the proper statistical analysis of accuracy grade B3.

Figure 18 — Measurement of backlash in a pair of gears by means of a dial indicator 5. Accuracy grade B3 has the smallest tolerances; accuracy grade B10 has the largest.

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