Presents a biography of physicist Albert Einstein. Contents. Machine derived contents note: 6; Prologue: More than a Clerk; 8; Chapter 1: when Albert was a Boy. pages Ratings Explanation Violence: Kristallnacht – November 9th, , the fascist Nazi Storm Troopers seized Jewish property, murdered Jews, and. Albert Einstein by Frieda Wishinsky – book cover, description, publication history.

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Albert and Mileva have a daughter out of wedlock.


Apr 22, Robert rated it liked it Shelves: She wrote this book as an educational book, for students to learn more about Albert Einstein. Tundra Books, Age: It does what no Internet wiahinsky can — it makes connections. Fame 74 Chapter Jun 03, Alissette rated it liked it. Albert Einstein by Frieda Wishinsky is a great book to read!

Eiinstein has long been one of my heroes of science, I will definitely be reading this one.

I reccomend this book to anyone who like history and science. Although I continue to wishinnsky in awe of the greatness of the man, I am now also better able to see him as an all-around person rather than the icon I had previously envisioned. The book then goes on to talk about his school life and how he really excels in the classroom, and with his thoughts about scientific theories. This book is a go-to for a young person looking for accurate information for a report on Einstein.

This book told me that kid that’s struggling with problems can turn in to the greatest person ever. In America parents would seek help from councilors from school and also doctors to help their child. Central Park in New York City.

Frieda Wishinsky – Non-Fiction

This is a biography about the genius Albert Einstein and his life and work. However, for those looking for substantial information on the topic of Einstein the man, and his physics work, look elsewhere.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This was such an enjoyable book to read. I will now read a basketball book to see if I like it or not. Albert and Mileva later marry and have two sons. Albert to the teachers was a snooty brat.

The brain controls every other organ in the body so it is arguably the most important one. byy

This book gave me an idea of who he really is, what he does, and what he was like. School 24 Chapter 3: He then had to move to the United States of America because of the Halocaust.

If I do not like the basketball book, then I will continue reading books of this type. The quote “Learning was becoming exciting for Albert, but school was not,” shows in good detail I think that school isn’t the only place where that you can learn stuff and that is what I liked about that sentence.

Furthermore, his habit to bathe for hours playing with bubbles is not written in this slbert.

It is organized with pictures and neat text, which is easily accessible for middle-grade readers. These are a couple of things that I liked about this book.

As a young patent clerk, Albert loved to think about light, space, and time. I had always thought of Albert Einstein as being a very brilliant man who was probably so intelligent that he was not easily accessible to those who were not his intellectual peers, an idea clearly dismissed through this book. The theme of the text is Albert Einstein’s life. Like basically everyone, I knew some about Einstein from science classes taken over the years.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. An engaging and accessible biography of scientist Marie Curie, who confronted discrimination and tragedy and yet won two Nobel prizes in science.

None of your libraries hold this item. Contents Machine derived contents note: Albert Einstein helped the world understand science better. Edition 1st American ed. I think that the author did a great job on all the parts of the book. On his first try he didn’t get in he failed but then they told him to go to high school. Before he was 16 he took a train to Italy. I feel like one point the author could have touched on more is during the making of the atomic bomb, it never really went in depth about this, which would’ve been interesting.


The quote “Learning was becoming exciting for Albe I really liked this book because it was really detailed and very funny.

I picked this book up from a chapters store that my mom told me to try out, so I read a bit and decided that it wasn’t that bad and bought The book was relatively short so I was einxtein to finish it easily in a day.

I would say that the book is best for someone in th grade.

Albert Einstein : a photographic story of a life / by Frieda Wishinsky. – Version details – Trove

Albert Wsihinsky is a well-known scientist and great thinker, but after reading the book and learning what a family man and unsocial man he was, you learn how real he really was and you admire him more. It includes all of his struggles and challenges. Throughout this part it talks about how he moves from Germany to Italy, then to Switzerland.

A New Start 50 Chapter 7: How Reading Helps Your Brain. Lists What are lists? This exciting book by Janice Weaver and Frieda Wishinsky offers creative solutions to all your design dilemmas — and does it without breaking the bank.

Sep 05, M.

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