if there is a change in density of fuel oil, do we need make any change in the alcap purifier configuration? (as in the earlier ones were we had to. Consult Alfa Laval’s Alcap separation system brochure on DirectIndustry. HFO cSt, they decided to upgrade one purifier to an Alfa Laval SA separator. To overcome this problem, Alpha Laval has developed the Alcap separator, the Ensure purifier has been fully assembled, that the bowl cover.

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Open the catalog to page 4.

Manually set gravity discs have replaced the more refined Alcap technology in the separator bowl. The separator bowl is fixed at the top of a spindle, which is supported by bearings and springs. Likes to dabble in Poetry, Literature, Art and Cinema. How flow rate of fuel affects purification? Ensure sludge cycle is set to x hours. Water is accumulated like sludge.

SA separation system The SA Separation Ancillaries separation system is the most compact self-cleaning ourifier separation system from Alfa Laval. How interface is created in purifier?

No adjustments are necessary in the bowl, and no gravity discs are fitted. However, after two pueifier years of operation, the father-and-son team decided to explore the possibilities of further increasing fuel cost savings. In the purifier mode, the EPC60 unit automatically controls the water admitted to the separator for the water seal and displacement of oil prior to sludge discharge.


The transducer in the discharge line will detect this and if this occurs after the minimum sludge cycle time, a sludge cycle will be initiated; if the water is detected before the minimum sludge cycle time, then water discharge valve will open. Reply In alfalaval purifiers ,opening water and closing water are connected through same pipe from the solenoid water block, how do they ppurifier during opening and closing of discharge slide Reply Hello Srinivas, It is because of the pressure difference of water.

Thus this creates a purifierr to its operating efficiency. The system operates on the Alcap principle.

ALCAP High density Purifier used Onboard Ship

This does not require any change with sg of F. Catharina is designed to use heavy fuel oil with a maximum viscosity of cSt. Open operating water and set bowl operating water to close. The EPC60 unit provides alarm functions for low alcaap pressure, high intermediate tank level, and power failure. Handling of higher viscosities available. It is designed to clean a wide range of fuel oils used by diesel engines in the lacap and power industries. When operating in the purifier mode, a gravity disc must be fitted to obtain the correct interface position in the separator bowl, i.

Centrifugal Purifiers or Separators Theory, Working and ALCAP Principal

You may also like: The EPC60 and the starter box combine to form the control cabinet, which is type approved by many classification societies. Shipowner Nico van der Plas Sr. Open the fuel suction from the settling tank to the purifier pump.

Catalytic fines comprise of small particles of silicon and aluminium carried over from the pirifier process. Viscosity of the oil: Norway Martech Enterprises Ltd. S-separator The Alfa Laval S-separator is the principle component of a range of high efficiency heavy fuel oil separation systems. Should be as slow as possible to maintain fuel demand.


The EPC60 control system masterminds the operation of the separation system and allows the monitoring of control and alarm functions. Rajon Khan February 20, at 8: ViscoLine Monotube Unit Alarm functions are also provided for errors involving the EPC60 unit. Water from the Hydrophore or in some cases, Header tanks are used.

At regular intervals a sludge cycle will take place.

Start the purifier watching the ammeter which should fallback as the purifier speed increases. When a transducer in the oil discharge line detects water the bowl is opened and the sludge and water discharged.

marine engine simulation: Marine Engine-Question & Answer-Purifier

State how the problem of catalytic fines in fuel oil may be dealt with. This means keeping the purification temp as high as possible and the throughput as low as possible.

Depending on the actual process conditions, the EPC 50 process controller selects the operating mode. Very explanatory article, which would definitely a guide to all juniors as well a refreshing note for all senior marine engineers.

Open the catalog to page 3.

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