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The strong effects of job demands, support, job strain and active learning are suggesting that a policy aimed at improving psychosocial working conditions should focus on a bearable level of job demands and the quality of social relationships at work.

Besides biomedical determinants, work-related and psychosocial determinants may influence RTW aledt well. Data were analyzed using multilevel analyses with faculty as the grouping variable. However, even when a decentralization policy is pursued as is the case in our study, job decision latitude is not necessarily enhanced.

In a field experiment we tested whether these effects are detectable and stable over time when employed in actual work settings.

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Analyses were conducted for men only. Results also indicate that both supportive and conflictive work contexts are associated with more frequent exposure to aert demands. This study showed that different work schedules and working hours are associated with depressed mood. Trust and vulnerability in doctor-patient relations in occupational health.

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The intervention focusses onxernemend active guidance of employees by occupational physicians during the first weeks of work after sickness absence. Psychosocial work conditions; Sickness absence days; Sickness absence episodes.

The feasibility of the intervention and direct and indirect odnernemend will be determined. Role clarity was associated with the number of sickness absence days, but only with the number of short sickness absence episodes in women. The data indicate that playing computer games in the workplace elicits substantial levels of recovery experience.


Also associations between this typology and measures of emotional problems EP and musculoskeletal complaints MC are tested. This article analyses job characteristics as antecedents of workplace bullying, in line with the early Scandinavian research tradition.

Background The effectiveness of health care intervention depends heavily on the extent to which people trust the health care professionals with whom they come into contact. Regression models revealed a significant association between hearing status and need for recovery after work, poorer hearing leading to an increasing need for recovery. Multilevel regression analyses were conducted to test the assumptions.

The findings underline the importance of improving worker well-being: Parayitam, Satyanarayana Desai, Kiran J. A Large Community-based Study. This study examines the direct and moderating effects of two types of control that employees have over the work situation – job control and job self-efficacy – on the relationship between job insecurity and employee health.

The results of this study indicate a possible causal relationship between interpersonal conflicts at work and self-reported health and occupational mobility. Moreover, the results illustrate what managers can do to secure employee well-being. In addition, we hypothesized that momentary work engagement has a positive, lagged effect on next week’s job resources.

Participants are recruited via occupational health services, patient organisations, employers, and a yearly national conference on chronic diseases. In this cross-sectional study among high school teachers, the relationship between emotional labour-in this study conceptualized as emotional demands-and emotional exhaustion and work engagement respectively was studied.

This study avoids same-source bias and demonstrates the importance of psychological detachment in the stressor-strain relationship. Finally, the implications of the results are discussed and suggestions for further research are mentioned. These disorders can have severe consequences such as absenteeism and work disability. How changes in job demands and resources predict burnout, work engagement, and sickness absenteeism. Given the partial and methodologically limited evidence base these findings should be interpreted with caution.


Age and educational level were positive related to well-being. Secondary outcome measures were time until partial return to work, prevalence rate of sick leave at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months’ follow- up, and scores of symptoms of distress, anxiety, depression, somatization, and fatigue; work capacity; perceived working conditions; self-efficacy for return to work; coping behaviour; avoidance behaviour; patient satisfaction; and work adaptations.

The sample consisted of 76 white-collar workers, 52 men and 24 women who had previously provided baseline data four years earlier and volunteered to participate in the present study. C Elsevier Ltd. In three out of eight cases the main effects of emotional demands on well-being were qualified by support and control, such that high control and high support either buffered the adverse effects of high emotional demands on well-being or increased the positive effects thereof.

Thus, contrary to the propositions of Karasek and colleagues, demand and control do not appear to be independent factors. Thus, the finding that bullying has a considerable effect on exposed individuals also when controlling for the effects of other job stressors demonstrates bullying as a serious problem at workplaces that needs to be actively prevented and managed in its own right.

A measure of frustration at work was found to be most strongly related to work-related fatigue, even in seafarers who carried out physically demanding jobs.

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Demerouti, Evangelia Peeters, Maria C. Implications for job redesign. This study goes beyond return-to-work by focussing on the prevention of recurrent sickness absence.

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