The Naming: The First Book of Pellinor (Pellinor Series 1) and millions of other books . The Riddle: Book Two of Pellinor (Pellinor Series) by Alison Croggon. She doesn’t yet know she has inherited a powerful gift, one that marks her as a member of the noble School of Pellinor and enables her to see the world as no. “An epic fantasy in the Tolkien tradition, with a strong girl hero I couldn’t put it down!” – Tamora Pierce Maerad is a slave in.

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There is betrayal, and there is loyalty. Cadvan and Maerad try to flee Norloch at night by traveling in an underground tunnel that leads to a boat. Apr 23, Kerry rated it it was amazing. The idea of that the world of Annar has different cultures and competing schools of Barding is a little Harry Potterish, but in a good way.

I really enjoyed this book, and I look forward to reading the next book.

That said, the book is needlessly protracted, the main character is obviously unparalleled in terms of abilities and power, and the story is a little bit reductive and familiar.

She is discovered by Cadvan, one of the great mystics known as ‘Bards’, who reveals to anming that she, like him, possesses “the Gift” shared by all of these, by which she is able to command nature to do her will. While they travel, they attract the attention of a being called the Landrost.

Detailed Review Summary of The Naming: The First Book of Pellinor by Alison Croggon

I doubt this was intentional. The Naming is the beginning of Alison Croggon’s well received Books of the Pellinor, a young adult fantasy trilogy centered around the land of Edil-Amarandh.


Once they get to a hospitable place and are given baths and clean clothes, both Cadvan and Maerad are struck a bit shy, because they never noticed how good-looking the other one was before. Mar 23, noshin tasnim rated it really liked it Shelves: May 03, Rusty’s Ghost Engine also known as Unde If it weren’t so good, I would say this book is a mixture of every other fantasy book on the block.

The Naming

During their time there, Maerad obtains knowledge of a long-forgotten prophecy concerning the ‘Foretold One’ who will defeat the Nameless One. Can we move naminy now? Also the Chosen One is a girl! When Maerad and Cadvan, who has become her tutor, reach Norloch, they discover that corruption has penetrated even here, in that the First Bard Enkir has fallen under Sharma’s influence. That scene was very spooky and atmospheric and because of the vivid writing, I really felt that I was there.

I know that occasionally it needed to so the finger details could be intended with the story but the are the parts where my attention waned.

Too many unnecessary scenes and details. The characters are not too bland, but not too unique. Books by Alison Croggon. I can’t imagine ever being bored of reading this book, as it is just too good to only read once!

Getting back to the story, I found it very unoriginal – “Yawn. But, namiing the depths of her despair, she suddenly summons her magic to call out a fire and again the Hulls and the Wight are repelled.

Sure there are suspicious characters working against the self-evidently good protagonists, and she sucks at swordplay, but the impression of unending wish-fulfillment was too hard to shake. I found myself imagining the slave settlement a bit like the setting in the 90’s Amiga game- “another world” But meh – that’s how geeks roll. I crogyon that Maerad is kind of introverted yet she is courageous when she acts on behalf of those she cares about.

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Alison Croggon is the award winning author of the acclaimed fantasy series The Books of Pellinor. The Gift is a sort of bardic magic that involves magical “Speech” and “Knowledge”. Maerad has scattered, disturbing flashbacks, about the sack of her home before she became a slave; a little girl of about five years, she saw her father beheaded, her mother crobgon of her powers, and her home burned. While I enjoyed alisonn book, I found it didn’t hold my attention like I thought it would.

The Naming: The First Book of Pellinor Book Summary and Study Guide

View all 5 comments. So you know though, someone attempted to rape the protagonist once, before the story begins. Maerad is a great character to center on, too, and I found myself deeply interested in what happened to her.

The “chosen one” is raised in a secluded farm, identity hidden The Hulls summon a giant creature called a Kulag to teh them. I greatly loved reading this one, I kept it on hold for a little while, but now I’m glad I decided to finished it!

This was fairly obvious from the way Light and Dark are discussed in crogggon book—much closer to the abstractions of Star Wars than the more Biblical Creation-mythology of Tolkien. Like the descriptions, I felt this book described non-magical everyday situations in far too much detail when only a brief description was needed.

Another negative which is reserved only for the audiobook was the narrator, who did a fine job until they started singing! But, I still liked it.

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