The novel that launched the astonishing career of one of the 20th century’s greatest writers of action and suspense – an acclaimed classic of heroism and. Following on from yesterday’s post about the Arctic Convoys, here is a review of HMS Ulysses by Alistair Maclean which I found on another. HMS Ulysses was Maclean’s first and arguably best novel. It describes the ordeal of a ship on one of the notorious Murmansk conveys, taking.

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Hme, it is very essential for the convoy to cross the arctic. Despite their exhaustion and bad morale, they set out again to escort ships carrying fuel, tanks, and planes to the Soviet Union.

Factual descriptions are given in a clipped, textbook style — to the extent of there being a number of purely factual footnotes throughout the book, correcting technical and historical fact — but psychological portraits often use rhetorial techniques, particularly repetition, to convey moods and feelings, especially of the extremity of exhaustion and physical ordeal the men are going through.

Ulysses as “The complete, the perfect fighting machine, man’s ultimate, so far, in his attempt to weld science and savagery into an instrument of destruction. As a reader you are worn down by the enormity of what these men had to endure minute by minute, hour by hour.

H.M.S. ULYSSES by Alistair MacLean | Kirkus Reviews

There was a problem adding your email address. Maclean is the author of twenty-nine world bestsellers and recognised as an outstanding writer in his own genre.

See 1 question about HMS Ulysses…. The author describes the H. Able Seaman Pedersen who superhumanly opens the jammed hatch to the Low Power Room allowing Brierly and the other trapped sailors to be rescued, before himself jumping in and pulling the hatch shut, dooming himself in order to save the ship. You are commenting using your Twitter account. It is their resilience that pushes these seamen to acts of heroism.


One time it ailstair be name and rank, then first name, and then, later, a nickname. You are commenting using alistwir WordPress.

Astounding how much this book reminded me of Douglas Reeman–one of the latter’s weaker efforts. I still have my set of paperbacks. In fact, I can maclaen name 5 of them out of pages.

HMS Ulysses (novel) – Wikipedia

Lieutenant-Commander Carrington, a natural seaman with intuitive grasp of weather conditions, who survives the ordeal. Unremittingly brutal but beautifully written and deeply felt, this ulysaes truly deserves its status as a classic. And, of course, there are similarities in the posing as well. Too drawn out, too psychological; too many “black hat” characters. Lying in wait for the thirty-four ships of Aistair Russian convoy FR77 was the worst winter storm anyone could remember, and German aircraft, surface ships, and submarines This is a story about the men who sailed in the H.

Waiting for them is a U-boat wolf pack and some of the hmx winter weather of the war. A few names stick of course, but for most of them the only choice left is to just accept whatever the author is saying and move on to the next event.


I recently found a copy in a second hand bookshop and it was with some trepidation that I began to reread it, afraid that it would not live up to my expectations. Inhe was awarded a D. Supremely well done- but can the reading public take it? The novel introduces the Ulysses as a ship with a broken and troubled crew, close to mutiny and exhausted beyond recall from previous forays into the Arctic.


Go to an Iron Maiden concert. My summer reading goal was to read the book and decide for myself. AM’s best book that I’ve readbut sadly overshadowed in popularity by a number of his other novels. Email required Address never made public. But as where Reeman always integrated those elements in the plot, many here were tacked on as afterthoughts–e.

Most war or action novels have a few things in common: Utterly gripping film, often tongue in cheek, as when Clint Eastwood is blasting away down the castle corridor with a machine gun in each hand. Who will ever forget the fight atop the cable car? From that moment on, it was unadulterated hell.

Government agent John Deakin poses as a wanted criminal in order to foil a gang smuggling guns to Injuns in the Rockies and planning to steal government gold in return. I have several complains about this book and the major one is that while ‘things’ keep on happening, it is a very slow read.

So much so that the reader must look away from time to time and take a deep relaxing breath.

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