ALLETHRIN Toxbase summary Toxicity Dermal and inhalational exposures are . “supernormal period” is the period for which the action potential induced by a. They are not considered to cause delayed neurotoxicity of the kind induced by some organophosphorus compounds. The mechanism of toxicity of synthetic. Allethrin had 96 h LC50 toxicity values of µg/L, µg/L > µg/L, and .. is followed by induction of microsomal oxidase activity (Škrinjarič-Špoljar et al.

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The authors have declared that they have no competing interests.

Some environmental risk factors for childhood asthma: The smoke is composed of two phases: Scand J Clin Lab Invest. Among the several types of pyrethroid, allethrin especially d-transallethrin belong to the type I pyrethroids is being used in almost all brands of mosquito coil in South Asian territory. CV indicates cytoplasmic vacuolation, CCA indicates condensation of cytoplasm of ongoing apoptotic cell, DH represents degeneration hepatocytes, ICI represents inflammatory cellular infiltration, DC indicates dilation of central vein, AC indicates apoptotic cells, NC indicates necrosis and DS is for dilation of sinusoid.

Necrotic death as a cell fate. Recently, Madhubabu et al. References Publications referenced by this paper. Toxic effects of mosquito coil a mosquito repellent smoke on rats. Therefore, this study was aimed to analyze the patterns of damages in the histo-architecture of lung and liver tissues as well as the alteration of biochemical parameters of blood in mice model inhaled with the mosquito coil smoke.


Taken together, the biochemical parameters were altered by the inhalation with the mosquito coil smoke in a dose-dependent manner. Anilkumar BettegowdaMiles F. A rapid and precise method for the determination of urea.

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The blood profiles, representing liver function, show significant changes in smoke inhaled groups in comparison with their respective control. Infiltration of Inflammatory cells was also observed in both of the organs. Discussion MC contains pyrethrin based insecticide but still widely being used in the tropical and subtropical region including Bangladesh as a common approach to protect mosquito from entering into home.

Subtropical climate, Poor drainage system and dense population are triggering the mosquito pressure day by day in tropical region including Bangladesh. Showing of 71 references.

Wilkinson Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society…. However, the recruited inflammatory cells along with proteolytic enzymes act upon the anti-proteases collagen and tixicity in alveolar region and inactivate them which in turn results in the destruction of alveolar septa and eventually develop emphysema [ 29 toxiicity.

Mosquito coil is the slow-burning structure made mainly of insecticides along with inert materials such as toxxicity floor, coconut shell powder, starch etc. Histological study of hepatic tissue shows apoptosis mediated damage of hepatocytes along with severe form of necrosis. Habibur Rahman2 K. Angireddy RajeshSuresh Yenugu Journal of reproductive immunology Histological study Histological study was carried out using the protocol previously described by Carleton et al.

The present study demonstrates that critical biochemical parameters of blood were altered significantly in MC smoke inhaled animals. Under these idnuced conditions, the histological organization allethri pulmonary and hepatic tissues becomes affected which led to severe organ injury.


Abstract Background Mosquito coil MC emits insecticide upon burning which provides limited protection against lethal mosquito borne diseases. Elastolytic metalloproteinases produced by human mononuclear phagocytes.

Allethrin toxicity causes reproductive dysfunction in male rats.

Enantioselective disruption of the endocrine system by Cis-Bifenthrin in the male mice. Mosquito coil emissions and health implications.

Inflammatory response, reactive oxygen species, programmed necrotic-like and apoptotic cell death and cancer. Analysis of sister chromatid exchange, micronucleus and chromosomal aberration frequencies in rodents exposed to mosquito coil smoke by inhalation route.

Madhubabu G, Yenugu S. The neurotoxicity of organochlorine and pyrethroid pesticides.

Allethrins (EHC 87, )

Free radical and volatile organic compounds present in the smoke of MC is considered as the potent contributor of oxidative DNA damage and tissue injury. Support Center Support Center.

Pulmonary tissue of inhaled mice illustrates various degrees of histo-architectural changes in a doses dependent manner in comparison with that of control Fig. Results Biochemical study indicates elevated activity of two hepatic indcued Background Mosquito coil is the slow-burning structure made mainly of insecticides along with inert materials such as wood floor, coconut shell powder, starch etc.

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