Amber Diceless Role-Playing: Diceless Role-Playing System [Erick Wujcik] on My absolute favorite roleplaying game and my first edition book that I have had. AMBER Diceless Role-Playing is a system set in, and designed around Roger Zelazny’s Amber universe. It features a unique (for its time) diceless resolution. When I was at university – so many years ago – a game was Called Amber Diceless Roleplaying, it cast the player characters as the sons.

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There was definitely a winner in that game!

If there is a substantial difference between characters’ ranks, the conflict is generally over before the weaker character can react. And, because you were rarely working together, that meant something. Part of this comes from a lack of knowledge about the setting.

Inhabitants of either pole can use one or both of the Pattern and the Logrus to travel dkceless Shadow. Did they work together to defeat it, or did some take the opportunity to gain an advantage?

Amber was a great game to role-play in. It often devolves to one-on-one, or at least has a very limited participation rate.

Amber Diceless RPG – 1d4chan

This is likely due to three scenes in the Chronicles: It’s all based on Roger Zelazny’s “Chronicles of Amber,” where everyone is immortal and have reality-hoppng solipsist powers like the Post Bros. However, no new edition was released before Guardians of Order went out of business in Despite the game’s out-of-print status, a thriving convention scene exists supporting the game. Going through each stat, the players bid points to auction who will be the best in that category. And diceleess Dungeon Master also needs to concentrate on other matters.

The Chronicles of Amber. The character who bids the most for an attribute is “ranked” first and is considered superior to all other characters in that attribute.

So, the more role-playing the characters do with each other, the better the overall role-playing experience will be. Instead, lower bidding characters are ranked in ascending order according to how much they have bid, the characters becoming progressively weaker in that attribute as they pay less for it. The former option is one presented in the book; the latter is known in the Amber community as xiceless ” Amethyst ” game.


The fact is that role-playing between the player dicrless the Dungeon Master is somewhat limited. And it helped promote role-playing because the best allies for your character were the other characters. A fucktonne of links about the Amber game and books.

Amber Diceless RPG

Psyche for telepathy and magic EVERYBODY uses magic and has psionics, so it’s the most important Strength for lifting carrying, and hand-to-hand this is what makes fights deadly, so it’s the rleplaying important Endurance for dicwless long you can last and this fuels any other endeavor, so it’s the most important Warfare for any kind of fighting, whether it be swords or guns or army tactics and since this is used when you get into fights, this stat is the most important Yes, I see what I did there, but that’s the way it’s described in the book.

An alternative strategy is to try to cow other players into submission with a high opening bid. Phage Press Guardians of Order. This supplemental rule book includes the remaining elements from the Merlin novels, such as Broken Patterns, and allows players to create Constructs such as Merlin’s Ghostwheel.

The book includes some material from the short story “The Salesman’s Tale,” and some unpublished material cut from Prince of Chaos[ dicekess needed ] notably Coral’s pregnancy by Merlin. In MayRite Publishing secured a license from Diceless by Design to use the rules system with a new setting in the creation of a new product to be written by industry and system veteran Jason Durall.

Conflict resolution [ edit ] Always comes down to comparing one stat against another. Which is why some claim the system is always going to be radically imbalanced in favor of the silver-tongued player who is best at arguing their points to the GM, or, potentially, the players the GM likes most and is more inclined to let them get away with more.

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Most players bid low amounts between one and ten points in an initial bid in order to feel out the competition and to save points for other uses. It is assumed that players will portray the children of the main characters from the books — the ruling family of Amber, known as the Elder Amberites — or a resident of the Courts.


Things I learnt from Amber Diceless Roleplaying

Since a player cannot control another player’s bids, and since all bids are non-refundable, the auction involves a considerable amount of strategizing and prioritization by players. You roleplayin to give the characters reasons to interact. Close ranks result in longer contests while greater difference between ranks result in fast resolution.

Not the case in a Throne War. If you have Logrus, you just send out a tendril and pull it back to you. Well, that person over there beat you!

For any of these stats, you can get more points to spend later by taking a less-than-immortal rank in them, but that guarantees that you are completely fucked because people will pick on that stat every goddamn time. Amber DRPG advises gamemasters to change rules as they see fit — even to the point of adding or removing powers or attributes. The Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game is a role-playing game created and written by Erick Wujcikset in the fictional universe created by author Roger Zelazny for his Chronicles of Amber.

Things I learnt from Amber Diceless Roleplaying – Merric’s Musings

It will primarily be one or two people talking, with others contributing a much lesser amount. The trick here is to provide a character that is interesting to interact with… and can be interacted with in separate ways by different PCs. This often means that the only individuals who are capable of opposing a character are from his or her family, a fact that leads to much suspicion and intrigue. So, you had to talk to them.

That gives rise to an interesting situation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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