Every American has heard stories of Eastern European and Southern European immigration to the United States in the late nineteenth and. Listen as master storyteller Linda Tate reads Anzia Yezierska’s autobiographical essay, “America and I.” Learn more at. America and IAnzia Yezierska Author BiographyPlot Anzia Yezierska, known as the “Queen of the Ghetto” or “The Immigrant Cinderella,” became a.

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Anzia Yezierska was born in the s near Warsaw in Poland. Arrogant Beggar chronicles the adventures of narrator Adele Lindner. O could learn to be a designer. Many Jewish critics reproved Yezierska for her rendering of immigrant speech patterns, which they felt made immigrants sound ignorant. Perhaps this couple rose to their current status through such basic labor, or perhaps they had been a part of this new culture long enough that they felt entitled to make those who came after them struggle to survive.

Born in l s, Yezierska immigrated with her Jewish family to the United States in the early s. After 6 months, the marriage was annulled. By reading American history, she takes the important first step of rethinking her concept of America, and subsequently revamping it.

What lessons can we learn from Yezierska’s Children of Loneliness today? Sanitation engineers worked on solving the problems of water supplywaste disposal, and pollution.

Education was seen as the key to improving these circumstances, so many adult immigrants attended English classes at night; children often attended public schools. This employment experience, however, allows her to get a job xnzia a regular factory. Please consider making a gift to JWA today!

America and I – Summary Summary & Analysis

Her hope for the immigrants is that they persevere long enough to share their gifts. The stories are legion, the images unforgettable.


Retrieved from ” https: It compares the life of an old woman to that of an ailing bird. Two years later, she met the philosopher and social scientist John Deweywho guided her intellectual development.

Anzia Yezierska: “America and I” by StoryWeb | Story Web | Free Listening on SoundCloud

They become caught in a circle of anger and accusations, jabs and counter jabs. Donate Help us elevate the azia of Jewish women. Online books Resources in your library Resources in other libraries.

This Americanized family becomes an example of one yeziersoa immigrants choose to blend with their new culture, by almost yezierdka their very origin. Yezierska visits a vocational counselor so she can find out what kind of job will allow her to express the way she feels inside. At the same time, she achieves her longed-for dream of doing the work she loves: Through her experience with the family, however, Yezierska comes to learn a bitter lesson: Discover Education Programs Join our growing community of educators.

Harris, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Many women simply enjoyed the personal freedoms changing social roles brought them, for example, exchanging restrictive Victorian garments for looser-fitting, more casual clothing and cutting anzka hair. This is a story of the struggle of assimilation, of the challenges faced by an outsider trying to become part of the mainstream culture. Meanwhile, the younger generation is eager and impatient to embrace the riches that America has to offer.

In an ideal situation, aspects of both cultures begin to blend, and a variant of the main culture becomes primary. University of North Carolina Press,— She continued to write but did not publish anything untilwhen her autobiographical novel Red Ribbon on a White Horse came out.

How to cite this page Jewish Women’s Archive. She believes her vision of America is in sight. In Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume She learns to read and write English through a class offered at the factory where she is employed. From its earliest settlements in the late s and early s, people have come to America seeking a new life.


The tenement was home to nearly 7, immigrants. Initially, the narrator believes these jobs allow her opportunity to pursue her own dreams and that even her defiance of their bribes is a sign of her assimilation to America.

In our featured story, Children of Loneliness, Yezierska depicts one family that is torn apart when the daughter, Rachel, returns from college having absorbed American culture and values.

An soon discovers she is mistaken. What Do I Read Next? At the same time, she longs for the comfort and warmth of her parents’ home. She believes that America is a place that will welcome her as an individual with ideas and passions that can make her and America flourish.

America and I

City planners controlled and regulated city growth, created safer building codes, and developed public parkland.

These stories focus on the children of immigrants and their pursuit of the American Dream. Yezierska leaves the family immediately, without a penny and having lost her trust for any Americanized immigrants. She decides to write about the life that she and her fellow immigrants experience in America. They only want to be American because of the economic opportunities it provides, such as the comfortable home and the nourishing food—as well as the chance to feel superior to other newer immigrants.

Her admonishment seems to tell Yezierska—and all eyzierska to hold goals surrounding intellectual, philosophical, artistic, or creative pursuits, but instead to focus only on pragmatic ones.

Resources in your library Resources in other libraries.

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