It is a presentation on the CSR initiatives taken up by AMUL Please note that the presentation (ppt) does not contain the initiatives in detail. Csr of amul. 1. By AA AAKANKSH BHOIR (06) RAMESH MOOPANAR (32) RITESH SHINDE (42) N NITESH SRIVASTAVA (47) ANKIT. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been defined as the commitment of business to contribute to sustainable economic development.

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A team, then, from the Co-operative Department of the District Union will be visiting the village to conduct a survey to assess its ability to procure daily liters of milk and supply to the Union. More important, being a small-producer oriented programme, it has impacted positively on income, employment and nutrition status of milk producing households. The objective of these facilities is to maximize milk production by ensuring sustainable sound reproductive and overall health of milch animals of our milk producers by accurate diagnosis of different diseases of livestock through doorstep and static diagnostic facilities.

Over 70 per cent of the families possessed only two milch animals or less; 21 per cent families were landless and 66 percent were small and marginal farmers owning less than four ha of land.

Farmers have also created nurseries to produce saplings and almost 45 such nurseries have been created as of date. Amul’s Icecreams are made from milk fat and thus are icecreams in real sense of the word, while many brands in India sell frozen desserts made from vegetable fat. The coordinator at Milk Union level chalked out overall action plan aul the programme and assigned roles and responsibilities and area of operation to each member of task force.

An action plan of fsr plantation programme was drawn up months back in advance. So far, under various schemes, thousands of farmers are covered to increase the cattle czr size from small to medium size.

Assured market for their milk and daily income round the year from milk has improved the quality of life of farmers. Thus, the union is based really on rural economy and the benefits go back to the farmers, thereby gradually raising the general level of the dairy industry and also the standard of living of the farmers.

Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

In circular details for milk producer vsr to make necessary preparations like deciding the place, digging the pit, taking care of saplings etc. Discharge of this responsibility is reflected in the manner in which the GCMMF conducts vsr business and shares its earnings. By doing so, milk producers of Gujarat Dairy Cooperatives have shown their concern, awareness and commitment for betterment of environment. The milk producers are paid for their milk in accordance with market forces and realisation of value for their produce.


Experiencing the best medical service to their cattle, a women in a village of Anand made a remark that it is better to take birth here as buffalo rather than human as they are looked after better than them — human. Further, “Amul Green” movement has also been awarded by International Dairy Federation for best environment initiative in the “sustainability category” during the 4th Global Dairy Conference held at Salzburg Congress Center, Austria on 28th April, For better utilization csrr fodder, Amul supplies chaff cutters Suda to farmers.

Corporate social responsibility is a process in which all companies come together as one and take csf in the welfare of the society.

Further out of the net profit of Rs 7. Under Operation Flood the entire institutional infrastructure set up at the village level, the district level and the state level is owned and operated by the farmers themselves.

What is the importance of corporate social responsibility? During the fiscal, as the GCMMF finds that from its earnings it is possible to pay more to the producers for milk, the final price is declared higher than the interim price being paid. Every business organisation follows the same principle. There is also considerable scope for improvement in our methods of livestock breeding and nutrition.

What are the benefits given to the members wmul the society?

In the process Amul became the largest food brand in India and has also ventured into markets overseas. It caused death of thousands of ccsr, tens of thousands were injured, hundreds of thousands were rendered homeless and damage of billions of Rupees was done.

Education in a non-school sense is also spreading.

CSR Initiatives

The responsibilities of an organization may range from providing small donations to executing bigger projects for the welfare of the society. Based on this report, viability and procurement of milk, the first general body meeting of the society is vsr to decide or pass resolutions on the following:.

aul The cost of the milk and milk products sold in that year was amjl Rs. The mobile and immobile laboratories have contributed to clean milk production drive in routine and emergencies especially in cases of plant or chemical poisoning and diseases claiming sudden death of animals; prompt and accurate diagnosis of the disease to keep the livestock in sound health, taking adequate preventive measures to avert major outbreak of diseases by diagnosing the disease at an early stage; planning for appropriate feeding strategy with the help of complete analysis of metabolic profile of the animal; improving infertility by timely remedial measures; timely detection of sub clinical cases of mastitis and control the incidences; aamul efficacy of vaccination could be determined by detection vaccination titers.


Nearly all of the points needed for LEED Certification 40 points can be achieved through the energy and atmosphere category 35 points.

Click Here For More Details. At that time, only liters of milk per day was being handled.

CSR of Amul Archives – India’s Largest CSR Network

Further out of the net profit of Rs 7. At the end of each year, a portion of the DCS profits is used to pay each member a patronage bonus based on the quantity of milk poured.

The GCMMF realised that it was a corporate social responsibility to strengthen the core business processes of its distributors so as to keep them in amlu business and compete with those with formal training in management. cr

Since then Amul has come a long way in the management of animal husbandry introducing the best management practices and the services are provided 24 hours today. Similarly camps are organized in Amul Dairy Campus wherein employees and their family members join in donating blood. I am requesting Shri S. The first and foremost the staff must get satisfaction from the job they.

During this visit they are shown dairy plants, their upkeep, international standards of hygiene and quality; the practices adopted for clean milk production, and above all the cooperative philosophy. Amul became the world’s largest vegetarian cheese and the largest pouched-milk brand. Introduction of BactoScan has shown drastic improvement in hygienic milk quality. It organizes various training programmes based on the need and a few of these are as follows: Through communicating clear and measurable sustainability objectives and the implementation of practical and equally functional corporate governance mechanisms, organizations are realizing that they can have a achieve ROI through their sustainability efforts.

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