ANSC. 44 PQFP. 8K. K. No. Yes. ANSC. 44 PQFP. 8K. 2M. 8. Yes. Yes. ANSC. 44 PQFP. 8K. 2M. 8. Yes. No. ANQC. 80 PQFP. 8K. ANSC IC MCU 8K RAM 24MHZ 44PQFP Cypress Semiconductor Corp datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet ). Cypress Semiconductor ANSC: available from 6 distributors. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing.

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Internal Bus Members of the EZ-USB family that provide pins to expand memory provide sepa- rate non-multiplexed bit address and 8-bit data busses. Page 56 Figure Page 94 Interface 0, alternate setting 1 has six isochronous endpoints with maximum packet sizes of 16 bytes.

Page Page Chapter A configuration has one or more inter- face, all of which are concurrently Page 34 Variants There are two pin devices: Bulk endpoints use maximum packet sizes and therefore buffer sizes 16, 32 bytes. In this example, register R1 keeps track of the number of endpoint 2-IN transfers and register R2 keeps track of the Page 74 Table Firmware Load The USB endpoint zero protocol provides a mechanism for mixing vendor-specific requests with the previously described standard device requests.


Page Bulk IN Transfers Fast Transfer Mode Block Diagram Page 16 Table Page IN tokens 4 and 7 until the data is ready. Isochronous Transfers Token Packet Isochronous data is time-critical and used for streaming data like audio and video.

From Tableat power-on: Most registers deal with endpoints. Page 96 Table Page Write the INT2 interrupt vector.

ANSC datasheet,datasheets manu Page==( M) ==[未知厂家] pdf datenblatt – –

Page 5 Reset and Power Management Isochronous Transfer Speed The amount of data USB can transfer during a 1-ms frame is slightly more than 1, bytes per frame 1, bytes theoretical, without accounting for USB overhead and bus utilization.

Variants There are two pin devices: Page 26 Control transfers consist of two or three stages. The can extend the output data and widths of these pulses by setting cycle stretch values greater than zero in the Clock Control Register CKCON Page 93 Table Therefore, to disable the isochronous endpoints, the should write the The host continues to send OUT tokens 4, Page Table These match the requirements of different data types delivered over the bus.


An endpoint 2-IN transfer datasheeg armed at lineswhich load Set Interface This confusingly named USB command actually sets and reads back alternate settings for a specified interface.

Note that the jump table must begin on a page byte boundary because the first vector Page The 1, byte transfer an2131c take s, less than half of the 1-ms USB frame time. Page 97 Page Chapter 5. Two 8-bit counts are initialized to zero at lines 9 and

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