html text version of the Ananga Ranga – Chapter 3. (Stage of Love). Ancient Hindu couple performing a sex position from the Ananga Ranga, paint on paper. Ananga-Ranga might mean husband and wife. Here are the Ananga Ranga positions. We hope that you find this assortment of sexual positions useful and. Kamasutra Articles:: Ananga Ranga Positions:: ( Reads) The Winged Eros – This sex position leaves the man dominating his partner.

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Ananga Ranga – Wikipedia

Fourth, the back and hip, with No. The Mrigi has a Yoni six fingers deep. The blandishments of love are a manner of battle, in which the stronger wins the day.

When the husband stands up the wife should place one foot upon his foot, 3 and raise the other leg to the height of his thigh, against which she presses it. Second, at the time of first enjoying her or of taking her virginity. The sounds should especially be produced when the husband posltions, bites, and chews his wife’s lower lip; and the sweetness of the utterance greatly adds to enjoyment, and promotes the congress of the sexual act.

Her Kama-salila is very abundant, and it suggests the juice which flows from the elephant’s temples. The Vegas, or capacities of enjoyment, are: Manda-vega, slow or cold concupiscence; the lowest capacity. He is of a quiet disposition; he does good for virtue’s sake; he looks forward to making a name; he is humble in demeanour; his appetite for food is small, and he is moderate in carnal desires. Do not talk about your submission to others If you have any issues talk to WikiLeaks.

This sex position also appears in the Kama Sutra. This extraordinary data set derives posiyions Syria-related entities or domain names, including those of the Ministries of Presidential Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Information, Transport and Culture.

The Syria Files shine a light on the inner workings of the Syrian government and economy, but they also reveal how the West and Western companies say one thing and do another. Gudhaka-dashana, or “secret biting”, is applying the teeth only to the inner or red part 16 of the woman’s lip, leaving no outside mark so as to be seen by the world. Un clean in her person, she has large breasts; her nose, ears, and throat are long and thick; her cheeks are blown or expanded; her lips are long and bent outwards bordes ; her eyes are fierce and yellow-tinged; her face is broad; her hair is thick and somewhat blackish; her feet, hands, and arms are short and fat; and her teeth are large and sharp as a dog’s.


Then taking care to remain still, and by no means to move, they should approach the Linga to the Yoni, both being veiled by the dress, and avoid interrupting the contact for some time.

Great study, therefore, is required in judging by the absence or presence of the signs and symptoms, to choose the Chandrakala and other manipulations proper to the several differences, as without such judgment the consequences of congress are not satisfactory.

Mostly the temperaments are mixed; often we find a combination of two and in some cases even of three. This remark might be illustrated at considerable length. It is one of the most exciting of all toyings.

The treatment is purely conventional, and the faces, as well as the dresses, probably date from several centuries ago. Conceived to be a manual about sex which would give advice on how a husband should give pleasure to his wife to avoid being tempted to cheat her due to monotony, the Ananga Ranga is somehow based on the Kama Sutra another well-known Indian work about love.

Chapter 8 – Ananga Ranga –

Gender binary Gender identity Men who postions sex with men Sexual identity Sexual orientation Women who have sex with women. Many times we see the Ananga Ranga being referred as a part of the original Kama Sutraor being treated as a part of the book, although it was written thousands of years later than its famous relative. See our Tor tab for more information.

His knees are somewhat crooked, and this distortion may also be observed in the nails of his anana. Utkriti is the cracking sound, resembling the splitting of a bamboo, expressed by “T’hat!


After toying together for some time, the mouths should be advanced, and the kiss exchanged.

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Tenth, the Mons Veneris and all the parts about the Yoni; and, eleventh, both the checks. When the husband, who has been absent for some time, returns home and finds his wife sleeping upon the carpet in a solitary bedroom, he fixes his lips upon hers, gradually increasing the pressure until such time as she awakes.

So far for the styles of morsication. Tarunabhava or Rekha a line is the name given by men conversant with the Kamashastra to nail-marks longer than two or three finger-breadths on the woman’s head, thighs and breasts. Second the Mons Veneris and vicinity of the Yoni; also with No.

Sex manuals Kamashastra Sexuality in India 15th-century books 16th-century books Indian non-fiction books. It means convex; in fact, what we call “filbert nails,” opposed to the flat, the concave, and the spatulated. Sphurita-kissing, which is connected with twitching and vellication.

Her Kama-salila has the pleasant perfume of the lotus-flower. The Courage Foundation is an international organisation dedicated to the protection of journalistic sources.

As soon as she commences to enjoy pleasure, the eyes are half closed and watery; the body waxes cold; the breath after being hard and jerky, is expired in sobs or sighs; the lower limbs are limply stretched out after a period of rigidity; a rising and outflow of love and affection appear, with kisses and sportive gestures; and, finally, she seems as if about to swoon.

The work was intended to show that a woman is enough for a man. His features are clear and well proportioned; his face is round, his teeth are short and fine, his hair is silky, and his eyes are large and well-opened.

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