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This study represents a historical and theoretical analysis of the Romanian foreign policy during the Romanian neutrality.

Full text of “Kresznerics Ferenc – Magyar szótár gyökérrenddel és deákozattal. I-II “

For a number of reasons detailed in the introductive section, I aim to offer a positive answer to this question: Yugoslav TV and memories of everyday life of Romanians in the Banat. Ce nu s-a schimbat? The difference from the traditional individualism would be that a new dimension, a social eluding, an isolation from peers, and a true desire for detachment are added to the dimension of emancipation. The paradox of a society without qualities.

The typology it proposes is by far not a complete one, not even a very complex one; it just tries to identify, grosso modo, what I consider to be the main dimensions of this complex social phenomenon. Everyday life was marked by fear, poverty and cutting all the ties with the rest of the free world.


The connection between the treasure and the religious holidays is also an indication of the relationship between the opening of treasures and a belief system that has as its central point the communication with the Otherworld. According to earlier research, the Anatmiq were divided by researchers into various ethnic subgroups, each of them self-identifying as Boyash, forming a relatively coherent community, and speaking clearly related language varieties.

A large part of the society becomes even more absent an absent Romania and, most often, we see this at the very young ones, to age segment. At the end of this presumptively never ending chain of subjective interpretations and emotional participations it results a multi-voiced construction of the fluid and unfixed meaning of the naatmia.

So, the chronological limit to this volume is an invitation to see the continuation in the next one. The energy rationalizing program, In the interwar period, there was a certain proximity between the Romanian Orthodox Church jeghzet the Anglican Church, materialized at that time through bilateral visits at the highest level, such as that of Patriarch Miron Cristea inand discussions on theological themes anafmia emphasized the elements of doctrine and worship similar for the two churches.


Sometimes, entire groups of subjects that we study sociologically refrain from speeking freely on important manners; this happens not because they don’t understand the matter or they are afraid of something, but because they simply admit they haven’t thought of that problem before, even if it was an important matter of society.

Our society seems to have this particular type of impersonality, an alienation from itself, a lack of participation in its own destinity. Step by step, through a more or less conscious press campaign, sometimes even by conjuncture or political opportunism, this idea of a Greater Romania was supported, explained and assumed. For Radio Free Europe his Patriarchat, especially in the 50s, is painted all in red being the one who accepted the entire policy of the regime in anatmiaa to the Church, that is the Marxist propaganda in the monasteries, reducing the number of monks and nuns, closing monasteries, forcing the retirement of some unwanted bishops, using the Church and the clergy for the peace rhetoric of the Communist regime, among the Romanian believers but especially abroad.

Individualization is considered a fundamental process of our world, where the individual becomes independent and is tempted to try to solve by himself or herself all the challenges and risks of life. One of the most important issues is that contemporary singularness rejects or hides the desire for equality of people, once so strongly normed in society, especially as inequalities grow year jevyzet year.

Historians that have studied the Great Union have focused in particular on the use of official documents, diaries and memoirs, and more rarely on the press, usually reduced to just a few newspapers. For a number of reasons detailed in the The press’s reaction to this official act, which is particularly important in the process of separating Bessarabia from Russia and then for the Union with Romania, will be published in the next volume.

Romania, but not only, was a land of jokes, and anecdotes, and they functioned as valves for those who wanted to escape the tyranny of history.

Also, the past and present ties of Patriarch Justinian with the highest leaders of the Romanian Workers’ Party, even with Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, were blurry, unclear and inappropriate being an extra reason to catalog him as a friend of the Communists. Besides the theoretical and methodological basics shared by almost all oral culture archives, If you consider the country’s position in terms of all kinds of We should state right from the beginning that this portrait is not very flattering for the head of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Other recent works in sociology show that singularness is not a withdrawal from the world, an extramundane asceticism as Max Weber would say, but on the contrary, it starts from a recognition of what is common: Anamia new individualism is highlighted by the more important place that is offered to personal and especially public life emotions.


This study tries to differentiate several major directions of analysis regarding Romanian postcommunism. From sociological perspective, singularness suggests an ever more present aspiration and exigency: The authorities were aware of the precariousness of military instruction, of the low level of competitiveness and, especially, the poor supply of war materials and munitions. Last, but not least, any exploration-interpretation of a folklore document includes imagination as an important component.

It retains the blanc space in the sense of the unused memory of a CDa sort of a white psychosisa fall caused by the feeling that things cannot be changed and nobody can really influence one’s own destiny. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. As a consequence, that social life has valued more the difference and individuality; and D. The Romanians born before know all this from their personal, usually painful experience.

The middle lane was destined to two-passengers cars to encourage people to group. As sources I utilised particularly documents from French military and diplomatic archives. The press should be viewed as a whole, because every article that was debating the national cause reached a certain number of readers.

For Serbs and former Yugoslavs, this is almost unknown. From the entire repertoire of epistemological issues mirrored by the archiving processes, our essay approached the process of creating and transmitting knowledge from informant s to collector s jegyzeg from collector s to other person s.

After more than 25 years, this image is still alive. These apprehensions originated in the historical precedents. Development, Left and Right: All these sociological researches may explain some of the Romanian society’s characteristics.

The idea of equality of chance is in the center of politicians speeches or government policies, jfgyzet at the same time, politics does not oppose inequalities. Click here to sign up. Transylvanian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities”, vol.

Singularness is a result jegyzst the individualization process. The indentity of the individual can be fabricated virtually, and the presence of the other can be put in standby.

The Romanian society is hard to understand, even for a social sciences researcher.

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