I believe that this is a Simpson Lawrence Anchorman Manual windlass. I’d like to grease it but can’t work out how to open it. I’d also like to know. Simpson Lawrence Anchorman manual Windlass 8mm chain | Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Boats Parts & Accessories, Boats Parts & Maintenance | eBay!. First sailboat purchased which came with a vintage, pre Manual Lawrence Simpson Anchorman windlass. Tried to give it a long needed.

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Beneteau Catalina Hunter Jeanneau Searunner. Crew Wanted Crew Available. First sailboat purchased which came with a vintage, pre Manual Lawrence Simpson Anchorman windlass.

Tried to give it a long needed service but it proved to be harder than I anticipated. I simply cannot get the parts to separate and I windlads reluctant to use force since I do not know is there is a locking mechanism or not.

Here however progress haltered. I cannot separate these parts.

[SOLD] Simpson-Lawrence Manual Vertical Windlass [Sitemap] – Cruisers & Sailing Forums

Light prying between the gipsy and drum anchoran the gipsy spin freely. However, continued prying does now seem to make anything else happen. It seems my webpage for picutres doens really work here so i got the photos on an external imgur upload. Sorry winvlass the inconvenece. The most awesome images on the Internet. Talked with John at SLspare, who is a terrific fellow. He suggested WD40, something hollow to support the gipsy but large enough for the carrier to fall through, a hammer and some force from above.


Will try this weekend and see if I can make any progress.

This are a great little windlass. A friend has one and I may be able to get you a manual and first hand advice. I won’t be seeing him until the 18th or 19th.

I will check in on this post then or if you can pm me your email I windlasd contact you direct. Brolle- WD40 is designed to displace water Water Displacement formula If you want to break rust, try PBlaster available in stores or Kroil online only. They attack corrosion chemically, very different from WD You can also try using annchorman, instead of heat, to separate things.

Ice it down solid, then let it warm up again.

Obsolete Windlass Information

Two or three cycles will break almost any corrosion. I’d try to find an old illustration or other confirmation before just whaling on it, just in case there’s some bolt, etc.

But if you’re really sure Brolle My friend is sailing and his manual is not with him but he had this to say: Gypsy slides down onto shaft and is secured in place with a slotted machine screw located well down in the middle of the central shaft. Then the drum slides down onto gypsy and is held in anchodman with the long nut that the winch handle engages.

I seem to recall these are primarily chromed bronze so they should respond to widnlass penetrating oil soak.

Simpson Lawrence Anchorman manual Windlass 8mm chain | eBay

Thanks for the help guys, sorry that I haven’t been replying, been out of data when working with the boat! I managed widlass get the parts to separate using a wooden rod, a hammer, WD and a roll of electrical tape.

I let it all soak in WD overnight, then placed the gipsy carrier on the roll of tape, which hade a diameter just big enough for the carrier to fit through.

Then I got a wooden rod into the drum and placed the the carrier and started wnchorman with carefully light punches.


After a good 30 minutes of tapping away the carrier finally fell through! Cleaned it up with WD, light sanding and lots of ancborman waterapplied silicone lube and it works like a charm!

However the bearing seems to be siezed though it doesnt seem to impact preformance at the time. When the boat is out of the water I will probably do a more ancuorman cleanup, as you can see theres quite a bit of rust and salt comming out the rag was clean when i started Will update with new pics of the finsihed cleanup when it’s done.

I have been “off grid” for a while but if you would like a picture of the original parts diagrams just PM me. BB code is On. Broke my Waeco fridge. Steel monohull iwndlass issue Where does the young cruiser roam?

Why do people pay for somebody Trimaran – Especially Searunner Beware people who say they have a Assorted spares for sale. Has this boat suffered a lightning Vendor Spotlight Introducing the Spectra Connect Post the Worst “For Sale” Picture How does one find the URL. All times are GMT The time now is Pre LS Anchorman Windlass – how to service?? Click Here to Login.

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