Es tan fuerte su personalidad, que, para mí, a pasado por encima de la .. The unnamed narrator of Andrew Davidson’s debut novel “The Gargoyle” may be. la gargola de andrew davidson. 4 likes. Book. la gargola de andrew davidson. Privacy · Terms. About. la gargola de andrew davidson. Book. 4 people like this. La gárgola by Andrew Davidson at – ISBN – ISBN – Seix Barral. – – Hardcover.

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View all 4 comments. I longed to stay forever immersed in this story. An excruciating fairy tale exploring the gossamer of tears and bliss, of fears and hopes. It’s amazing, it’s a great read, it’s an experience.

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

His stories sweep you up and place you there What a book! A former porn star and now beyond recognition, the narrator takes us on a journey into his own past, into his future and recovery, and into medieval Germany.

The nameless protagonist is, in his own words, “a coke-addled pornographer”. His stories sweep you up and place you there and that’s a rare treat. The next time they will do better. We went from riding the short bus, to pushing it.

I went from reading a fictional story to studying a theology text book. In any case, I figured there would be a hook somewhere so I kept at it.

Well, how about this, that it’s an davudson love story where no one has sex; in fact, Davidson even drives this point home in about as obvious a manner as possible, by making our hero a victim of a fiery car crash whose d-ck has literally been burned off. This is a tear jerker, but most epic love stories are. Why didn’t she find him sooner?

That’s amdrew one day a woman from the psychiatric ward, starts to visit him. If you can make it through the first pages, the best is yet to come. I am about halfway through it and I keep making me put it down because I dread it ending.


Unlike Francesco, because I had never longed to see the divine, I was not burdened with the fear of what might happen if I did. But what if that author happens to be on your friend list at andew popular social network for book nerds, so l guaranteed to eventually see your review? It makes me want to write these kinds of devastatingly witty, borderline-cruel reviews, just as a way of shouting at these executives, “Stop sh-tting down my throat and calling it chocolate cake.

This poor character was left with no frank, just beans.

The Gargoyle

Rarely is she referred to simply as “Marianne”; it is constantly written as “Marianne Engel”, as if there were more than one Marianne in the story. She says she knew him in 14th Century Germany, and spins a tale of a long-ago romance. Ludicrous as this obviously is, the protagonist is drawn into her tales, finding new reason to live from her companionship, whilst also being concerned for her mental health. Throughout Maryanne’s storytelling and hospital visits she continues her lifetimes work, that of carving stone Gargoyles.

Probably not intentional, so therefore not a good start. No wonder Marianne Engel lived next to a graveyard: Andrew Davidson has written a gift for the reading world. His narrative charisma is so very compelling. It probably didn’t help that I read this after seeing so many previews for that freaking movie, Beastlya modern take on Beauty and the Beast – a story not far from my mind while reading The Gargoyle – the whole heart-of-gold, love-will-keep-us-alive, climb-every-mountain thing.

Instead what happened for me was at the end of each chapter I found I wanted to put the book down and not pick it up again. During his recovery in the hospital, he meets a patient by the name of Marianne Engel. There was no wanting to be near this person nor words of missing the others touch.


The narrator must determine if his new found love is real or delusional. Although a church ceremony was expected after a “handfasting” it was not always …more Many many couples lived together without the benefit of clergy. Seeing how the stories connect together across time and cultures is a reminde I read this book a week ago and I’ve been mulling over exactly what I want to say about it, but I’m still not sure what that is. Open Preview See a Problem? I just felt that they were one-dimensional and uninteresting beyond the fact that one is burned and the other thinks they’re lovers from years ago.

Even if it was so sad, there is still hope for our heroes. The novel begins with our unnamed narrator looking back to himself a few years before this recounting.

In between reality and this, she tells stories about people she’s known in her time andreww their reckless acts of love. And what was the purpose of the gargoyles statues?

But the majority of the plot seemed to be about the Narrator’s recovery in the burn unit, his rehabilitation and physical therapy, which, granted, was quite thoroughly researched but a little boring after a while. Jul 24, Jackie rated it it was amazing Andrrew She reveals that she was a nun in 14th Century Germany when she met him.

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