Twilight has ratings and 85 reviews. Chris said: If you lived though the King beating and its aftermath, including the Riots. You really need to re. Anna Deavere Smith. Twilight: Los Angeles, page comprehensive study guide; Features 5 chapter summaries and 5 sections of expert analysis. Actress, playwright, and performance artist Anna Deavere Smith is best known Her latest work, Twilight: Los Angeles, , a performance piece dealing with.

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The book plays with the emotions of the reader just like how the events surrounding the riots were ignited by the emotions of the affected. twiligght

I feel like Smith just waiting for the morning of to put everything together and she took all her interviews with people and put them in a pile and turned that in. It is really an oral history of where we were after the LA riots ofand how different people reacted to it.

An explicit look at the complexities of the human experience. It treads on new ground covering the LA riots and does so through the eyes of those who were at the very heart of the twilighf.

Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992

Twillight for telling us about the problem. You really need to read this. Aug 09, Greg rated it liked it. Smith gives us the stories of an incredible range of people touched by those events — from Rodney King’s aunt, to community leaders, affected shopowners, twolight, police officials, victims of random violence, fearful neighbors, to Reginald Denny, the white truck driver whose beating during the riots was also captured on video. Twilight explores those who observed, were part of, or affected by the riots, telling true stories laced with emotion, injustice, and loss.


In Twilight, the people Anna interviews are repeatedly astounded by the fact that their situation is so similar to the Watts Riots nearly 3 decades before. Overall after reading all the chapters from the viewpoints of the different people, there is still one group being favored deavdre the other.

If you ever get a chance to see this amazing actress who I first saw as Nancy McNally, the national security advisor on The West Wing acting out the monologues published in this book, do!

The main argument of the book surrounds the idea annaa people should understand the viewpoints of the other races to improve relations among races.

Twilight: Los Angeles (film) – Wikipedia

As such, Twilight should be considered required reading for just about everyone: Refresh and try again. The United Solo Theatre Festival board awarded her with uAward for outstanding solo performer during the inaugural edition in November When we think about California literature, we think of things such as harmony, peace, nature, diversity, along with rich and poor in regards to the state itself in which it reflects the literature.

I feel like Smith just waiting for the morning of to put everything together and she took all her interviews with people and put them in a pile and I hated this book. Twiligh Smith also uses people of fwilight perspective to portray this event. Dec 08, Benewaa rated it liked it.

Through the victimization of the black people, readers are forced to feel bad for them from the onset. The Rodney King arrest was such a turning point. It’s a very interesting perspective on how the media can influence people’s feelings and actions. Please add cover image. The other strength within this book is the fact that Smith took the time to interview people of many different twlight, background, and economic standings. She wants to document on these incidence but she was to diversify her research so that, each reader would choose which side to believe.


Walter Park, who has had a gunshot through the eye, has a scar on the left side of his face […] Mr.

Anna Deavere Smith’s stunning new work of smity theater” in which she uses verbatim the words of people who experienced the Los Angeles riots to expose and explore the devastating human impact of that event. It’s hard to give this a star rating because it is really a play,and so I read it differently than I would read and rate other books, but I was pretty impressed by it. There are several other accounts that make smigh towards the media feeling that they actually over exaggerated tensions.

It was the same exact theme and topic but there were more races involved. Return to Book Page. Los AngelesCalifornia. The documentary is particularly effective as a means for discussing race because of Smith’s embodiment of various people Everyone in America at least, especially fellow white people who cannot feel the pain and the tension that was prevalent inthat was prevalent inthat is still prevalent today in Smith is truly a pioneer of documentary theatre, a genre that I hope grows in popularity.

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