Keyboard artist David Schrader, a favorite of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, made his solo recording debut with this CD of harpsichord works. Buy Padre Antonio Soler: Fandango by Antonio Soler, BegoƱa Uriarte, Karl- Hermann Mrongovius from Amazon’s Classical Music Store. Everyday low prices . Antonio Soler, Scott Ross – Padre Soler: Fandango / 9 Sonates – Music.

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But Rubio stated in his catalog that “we doubt seriously the paternity of Soler ,” citing as evidence “a substantially identical ostinato” by another albeit obscure composer, “in a Fandango with variations for the fortepiano.

I f Soler did indeed write the Fandangothen it is unique among all of his harpsichord works. Streams Videos All Posts.

Padre Antonio Soler: Fandango & Sonatas | Cedille Records

U nfortunately, there are very few known portraits of Antonio Soler; though Frederick Marvin has presented a facsimile of the title page from Veni Creator which shows a monk prostrate before an altar and captioned: Various colleagues followed suit.

The Art of Scott Ross. Harpsichord Sonatas – Concordance, Dicsography, Miscellaneous. While Soler occasionally toyed with the form of theme and variations, there are no other published pieces that compare in length and magnitude to this one. R ubio’s gandango revelations have, sadly, never come to light.

Antonio Soler

T he fandqngo own words give us another rare glimpse of the apparently vivacious and opinionated “inner man” from the Llave de la Modulacion: But flamenco was the taproot, since fandangos could be sung as well as danced. The Infante was a talented student, and many of the harpsichord sonatas were probably composed expressly for him. AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. Though there may be valid reasons to suspect the truth of this theory, still it would be not at all surprising to find that a man of Soler’s wide-ranging interests could compose such a masterpiece.

There are undeniable similarities in their sonatas, other than the obvious fact that they are mostly in the binary sonata form; both composers delighted in wide leaps, frantic crossings of the fandsngo, and scalar passages fandang double thirds or sixths. Complete Works for Harpsichord. Igor Kipnis Solo Recordings F rom his title you have deduced that he was a monk a Hieronymite, to be exactbut he was also a priest.


Infurthermore, Anthony Tudor choreographed a ballet to the music that entered the American Ballet Theatre repertoire two decades later. Soler’s Six Concertos for Two Organs are still very much in the repertoire and have often been recorded.

The acciaccatura was another device where the two differed in usage, frequently used by Scarlatti but rarely used by Soler. Bill Maylone Front Cover: But the names he chose were less solef than either of those two, whose references were often based on private jokes and archaic language usage the soled meaning of which has been obscured by the passage of time.

Of course, the MIDI versions of the sonatas are a pale imitation of performances by professional musicians on real harpsichords; thanks to a growing interest in Soler’s works, there are now numerous excellent CD recordings available.

I hope that you enjoy listening to these sonatas as much as I have enjoyed preparing them, in hopes that they will cast some illumination into the shadows of Scarlatti and restore the music of this unique composer to its proper place fandanfo the sun.

For the true Soler aficionado, Bob van Asperen has made an excellent recording of the entire set of sonatas. Click here to download Acrobat Reader. Introspection Late Night Partying.

Una matica de ruda. Sample selected tracks from our latest releases. And yet there are many stylistic differences as well, such as Soler’s predilection for the musical device known as the “Alberti bass”, a tool seldom used by Scarlatti listen to Sonata 10and refer to the short discussion of the guitar influences in the sonatas.

The soller and instigator of this theory is Isidro Barrio, himself a Soler performer and scholar, who states his case as follows: AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

Antonio Soler – Wikipedia

Fandango in D minor In light of this heavy schedule, it is remarkable that he managed to compose so many musical works. Perhaps Scarlatti benefited from the relationship as much as his student.


Photo by Andrew Halpern Notes: While both Samuel Rubio solet Frederick Marvin -the two leading Soler researchers, originally attributed the work to Soler, there has been siler question as to the authorship.

As if all of these duties and musical endeavors were not enough to occupy his waking hours, he also found time to invent a tuning box that he called an afinador or templantewhich used plucked strings to divide the 9: This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat A fandango once attributed to Soler, and probably sole often performed than any other work of his, is now thought by some to be of doubtful authorship.

One well-known purveyor of recorded music has presented what is in fact an engraving of Fernando Sor as being of Soler; this engraving is presented herein order that the reader be not misled. The nature, extent, and expressive intensification, fandanggo, are what make Soler ‘s version singular.

However, he did note in his critical catalogue published inthat: The virtual craze subsided fsndango time, but not the power of a work that obeys the basic rules of a quick-moving, minor-key folk dance in triple-meter, with alternating measures of tonic and dominant harmony in the bass line, above which the melody is elaborated.

Such people claim this right for themselves although they would do better not to practice it. Romantic Abtonio Sex All Themes.

Sexy Trippy All Moods. Problems playing these files?

He is best fandangk for his many mostly one-movement keyboard sonatas strongly influenced by Domenico Scarlattiwhich constitute a very important, quite underrated, contribution to the harpsichordfortepiano and organ repertoire. The composer rarely allowed his portrait to be painted, presumably due to modesty; this would be commensurate with his character as a man of humility and simple tastes.

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