Apollodorus’s Bibliotheca is the most important extant mythographical work from antiquity, because of both its comprehensive organizational. D. APOLLODORUS THE LIBRARY I vGooQle 3^1 y Google APOLLODORUS Robert in his learned and able dissertation De ApoUodari Bibliotheca (Berlin. Attributed to Apollodorus of Athens (born c. BCE), but probably composed in the first or second century BCE, The Library provides a grand summary of.

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Nevertheless the sons of Thestius, thinking scorn that a woman apollodoris get the prize in the face of men, took the skin from her, alleging that it belonged to them by right of birth if Meleager did not choose to take it.

The sack of Troy: Aesculapius is educated by Chiron and thunderstruck by Zeus for his leechcraft. Argus of the many eyes, i.

The twelve ten, see iv. The death of Patroclus, 6.

But when they were over the sea which lies betwixt Sigeum and the Chersonese, Helle slipped into the deep and was drowned, and the sea was called Hellespont after her. Even in the historical age of Greece the ranks of the celestial hierarchy were sometimes recruited, not by the slow process of individual canonization, as we may call it, but by a levy in mass ; as when all the gallant men who died far the freedom of Greece at MaratluKi and Plataea received the first step of promotion on the heavenly ladder by being accorded heroic honours, which they enjoyed down to the second century of our era.

Ixion and his wheel, Castor the Annalista contemporary of Cicero in the 1st century BC.

The Library, Volume I

Ocean, Coeus, Hyperion, Crius, Iapetus, and, youngest of all, Cronus; also daughters, the Titanides as they are called: The education of Hercules Linusiv. So he told them to let fly a dove between the rocks, and, if they saw it pass safe through, to thread the narrows with an easy mind, but if they saw it perish, then not to force a passage. Telamon becomes king of Salamis ; father of Ajax and Teucer, xii. On hearing that, Althaea snatched up the brand and deposited it in a chest.


But the earth, being sown with parched wheat, did not yield its annual crops; so Athamas sent to Delphi to inquire how he might be delivered from the dearth.

That is why the constellation Orion flies for ever from the constellation Scorpion round the sky. The Greeks, put to flight, send ambassadors to Achilles, 3.

If he abstains he is very likely before lone dismissed, but if he indulges he straightway loses the wiU and the power ever to return to the society of men. But the other, named Ocypete or, according to others, Ocythoe but Hesiod calls her Ocypode fled by the Propontis till she came to the Echinadian Islands, which are now called Strophades after her; for when she came to them she turned estraphe and being at the shore fell for very weariness with her pursuer. Some women were in the house, and when they bade her sit down beside them, a certain old crone, Iambe, joked the goddess and made her smile.

The rationalistic Biodorus Siculus explained the myth of the theft of fire by saying that Prometheus was the inventor of the fire-sticks, by the friction of which against each other fire is kindled. But Atalanta was the first to shoot the boar in the back with an arrow, and Amphiaraus was the next to shoot it in the eye ; but Meleager killed it by a stab in the flank, and on receiving the skin gave it to Atalanta.

When the Bebryces made a rush at him, the chiefs snatched up their arms and put them to flight with great slaughter. And first she sat down on the rock which has been named Laughless after her, beside what is bibliothecw the Well of the Fair Dances 76 ; thereupon she made her way to Celeus, who at that time reigned over the Eleusinians. Greek mythography in the Roman world. For other accounts of the rape of Persephone and Demeter’s quest of her, see Diodorus Siculus, v.

Hellen’s sons Dorus, Xuthus, Aeolus and their children, vii. Xuthus received Peloponnese and begat Achaeus and Ion by Creusa, daughter of Erechtheus, and from Achaeus and Ion the Achaeans and lonians derive their names.


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Oeneus, Meleager, Tydeus 9. Wagner’s text are recorded in the footnotes.

But Orion was killed, apollodrus some say, for challenging Artemis to a match at quoits, but some say he was apolldorus by Artemis for offering violence to Opis, one of the maidens who had come from the Hyperborean s.

Thick was the mist that swept over them, and loud the crash, and it was impossible for even the birds to pass between them. See Kuhnert, in W. One of his hands reached out to the west and the other to the east, and from them projected a hundred dragons’ heads. He also avenged the murder ot Apis by putting the guilty to death.

See Die Loango Expedition, iii. List of the towns taken by Achilles, For the most part, perhaps, the three sorts of narra- tives are accepted by the folk as all equally true or at least equally probable. Division of the spoil: Nevertheless Zeus inspired him with lust for Hera, and when he tore her robes and would have forced her, she called for help, and Zeus smote him with a thunderbolt, and Hercules shot him dead with an arrow.

Full text of “Apollodorus, The library”

Heroism and death of Antigone. Bbibliotheca means of his extensive collation of manuscripts, and particularly by a comparison of the Vatican and Sabbaitic epitomes, which are clearly independent of our other manuscripts and often contain better readings, Mr. Penthesilea slain by Achilles. This text is part of: These creatures Aeetes ordered him to yoke and to sow dragon’s teeth ; for he had got from Athena half of the dragon’s teeth which Cadmus sowed in Thebes.

These creatures Aeetes ordered him to yoke and to sow dragon’s apollodorux for he had got from Athena half of the dragon’s teeth which Cadmus sowed in Thebes.

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