Read the latest magazines about Bromatologia and discover magazines on Share. Apostila de bromatologia – Bromatologia. Uploaded by . vot¢ínas do sovo g!obu!inas (o,oũ a o,I%) ¢ a! buminas (o,Ũ a o,ũ%) vot¢ínas do .. Apostila Tecnologia de Leite. Uploaded by. Slides Bromatologia – Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or 4º Relatório de Bioquímica – Determinação de Lipidios pelo método de Soxhlet. Uploaded by. Francinalva Cordeiro · Apostila Bromatologia.

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A glass lining 5-m. Parts of refluxing apparatus are supported with flex- aframe unit.

Forage Fiber Analysis

This setup allows for refluxing detergents continuously and also allows the technician sufficient time for filtering and washing of the residues. It is very im.

Rings, cast iron, 4-in. Heavy-wall rubber tubing con- nects from the manifold to two Then add CTAB and stir. Resuspend mat in water and pour into a square bag sewn from a rectangle of fiber- glass window screening of 14 x 18 mesh about 1 m. The manifold is made from large polyethylene pipe, 2 feet 60 cm. Department of Agriculture or an endorsement by the Department over other products not mentioned. For convenience and most efficient routine operations, equipment must be situated so that the operator can perform on a regularly timed basis; also some extra time for incidental opera- tions that arise should be allowed.


Clamps, pinchcocks, Mohr e. Scimatco rubber tubing, black, thick wall. The filtration apparatus described is highly recommended. For ex- ample, it makes little sense to expect lignin to be a good predictor of digestibility if silica or some other factor is a more important variable.

Issued December Washington, D. Forage Fiber Analysis jean row Enviado por: Water is stored in an elevated carboy reservoir above and to the side of the heater. Much difficulty is avoided by having an adequate filtering ap- paratus and by using bromatolotia technique.

Ceramic plates pro- tect coils from liquids spilled on the plate, which avoids electrical problems. A closed siphon is connected with a leveling device seen on the left of the large flask in figure 6a Condensers, reflux, crude-fiber, Pyrex. Vacuum level is controlled by attaching a rubber tube bromatklogia a screw clamp to the opposite end of the poly- ethylene manifold. The hose terminates with a Y connector, fitted on one end with a burette tip end and on the other with a tube, which allows each to be clamped off.

Forage Fiber Analysis – Aparatos, reagentes procedimentos e aplicações da análise

In general, an in vitro rumen fermentation re- flects the factors known and unknown limiting availability of forage to the digesting organism. The addition of asbestos to the sample may help filtration, but this involves the laborious operation of preparing the asbestos before use and also makes subsequent analyses on the residue more difficult or impossible. Crucibles, Gooch-type, high form Pyrex fritted glass, ml.


A unit refluxing apparatus and a drying oven large enough to hold 80 cru- cibles make this possible. A workable water system is essential for the fast washing of the detergent from the residues in the crucibles.

Rings covered with rubber tubing are placed above the hotplate to prevent knock- ing off the beaker.

The funnels are supported on a 1- x 4-in. Samples that contain appreciable amounts of Jacket No. The Y is insulated and wrapped with asbestos tape so that the hot water can be manipulated without protection for the hands. Six polyethylene tubes are attached into the larger tube.

Nocoes sobre analise de alimentos_Apostila

Figure 1 shows a section of the refluxing ap- paratus. Arquivos Semelhantes Bromatologia Bormatologia. The filter manifold is constructed to hold six crucibles, so that six samples can be filtered at one time. The possibility of overlooking a step in the procedure’is also reduced.

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