Arabella (Regency Romances) [Georgette Heyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Georgette Heyer is the Queen of the Regency. Guest review by Kara Louise of Delightful Diversions The heroine of Georgette Heyer’s novel, “Arabella” is Arabella Tallent, daughter of a. Arabella. Georgette Heyer. Buy This Book. Arabella Tallant is the daughter of a vicar, and when she gets the opportunity to spend the season in.

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Arabella, collected and sensible throughout the whole book, suddenly became silly beyond measure. He straightness out his hair and right his knit breeches with shaky fingers. Then she could catch them in the act when they used the same words in their books.

On the other hand, the hero, Mr. I struggled through most of the book with a mixture of incredulity arabe,la intense amusment. Hey Georgette Heyer was a prolific historical romance and detective fiction novelist. And I definitely get the appeal of Mr.

Arabella (Regency Romances): Georgette Heyer: : Books

Showing of reviews. Refresh and try again. I can understand she did it out of pride, but it was nonetheless immensurably stupid, for she didn’t even stop to think she was going to be presented in society, so whatever false image she created of herself was bound to explode in her face, and besides, if she was wounded by such a remark, could she not have explained her circumstances and even called the man out on his poor manners?

If she was quick heyeer, she could get dressed in a simple dress that she had packed away for her travel and take a quick walk on the property grounds before coming back and switching her dress for something more respectful to meet Robert’s grandmother later on that morning. She overhears him make aabella cynical remark about her to his friend, and reacts by telling a lie – that she is an heiress who wants to be unknown arabella she gets to London so she won’t be beleaguered by fortune hunters.

I was a little sad when it ended. I’ve been caught many times by heye husband or by people in airports or elsewhere when reading these when I find myself laughing out loud – sometimes to the point of tears. His actions pretty much saved her from going down in literature as eternally stupid, though I think she was made to sensible at the beginning to find her actions completely believable.


View all 7 comments. She knows and acknowledges her position in society much to the surprise of Lady Bridlingtonaarabella at the same time blends spotlessly into the role of an heiress and a woman of fashion. Tightly tying it, she unlocked the door and found one of the maids standing there with two water pails of hot water in both of her hands. Apr 13, Amy S rated it really liked it. Her last book, My Lord John, was published posthumously in Pages to import images to Wikidata.

I love the characters – well-crafted and distinctive – not to mention the bby she laces through her descriptions and situations in the story.

Known also as the Queen of Regency romance, Heyer was legendary for her research, historical accuracy and her extraordinary plots and characterizations. Share your thoughts with other customers. Perhaps the best character, though, is Beaumaris’s grandmother. What was this that she was experiencing for the first time.? Leaky Peg and Quartern Sue are inspired. Heyer books feel like good friends” – Becky’s Book Reviews ” Arabella is simply a not-to-be-missed story that I can’t say enough about.

He eventually found Arabella standing rigidly with her small hands balled up into hard fists at her sides. The Nonesuch Regency Romances. Beaumaris is an excellent hero! I think Heyer is an author who stands the test of time, and I can think of few higher tributes than that. Arabella is a Regency romance novel written by Georgette Heyer. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Arabella, by Georgette Heyer – A Review | Austenprose – A Jane Austen Blog

Arabella is the eldest, quite pretty, as are all the children. She opened the door and turn towards him with a shy smile on her lips.

There was a big joke played on me by the powers above, I think, because I picked up this novel without having the slightest of clues that this was Heyer’s homage to “Pride and Prejudice. All is resolved by the fact that his fortune is so massive, the lack of hers will never be noticed, and the lack of fortune for her brothers and sisters will be explained away by an eccentric uncle who left the money to Arabella.


Before she could even know what hit her, he openly took his stance beside her in the ton’ s eyes, from taking her out riding in the Park, to the opera house, and dancing the forbidden waltz with only her at every assembly before the hot jealous eyes of every girl around them, and the list went on and on.

Uuuhh…one of georgetye is young and —I think- very pretty! I realize now that Heyer formed my impressions of both the Regency period and Regencies.

Thank goodness Mr Beaumaris is a very intelligent man, and also, in love with her. There was a large Persian rug that stood before the burning fireplace with a french style lounge chair as well. This is an excellent book to introduce yourself to Georgette Heyer. Enter a chance to win one copy of Arabellaby Georgette Heyer Sourcebooks, by leaving a comment stating what intrigues you about the plot or characters, or if you have read it, which is your favorite character or scene by midnight Pacific time, Monday, September 6th, He had wanted someone who loved him unconditionally with out need for constant money or jewels.

I just finished this and am still laughing even though I’ve easily read this 5 times now. Nothing passes under her radar, from a horse being cruelly whipped by a cart driver to stray dogs and abused chimney boys.

Robert allowed the warmth to enveloped his whole being and mind as his pending orgasm ripped through his body like a burning hot knife. Being brought up in a house with older brothers and seeing sometimes the difference between herself and the opposite sex did not make her ignorant to what exactly it was between them.

Pandora’s Box

The Marquis of Alverstoke and Mr. See 1 question about Arabella…. Darcy, but he’s very arrogant, and he’s bored. While I could believe that Mr.

It’s always about that Kiss. Ness considers Arabella to be a fan favourite, “with passages that are among [Heyer’s] very best, and some of her most ironic writing. It totally ruined it for me.

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