ArgoUML is the leading open source UML modeling tool and includes support for all User documentation On Windows or Mac: Double-click on Argo’s Javadocs Tab allows you to enter documentation on the selected design element. Extract all files from to a folder. Double click. The documentation () is impressive with different formats of a quick start and a user manual ( pages!) that.

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The above method has the advantage that progress and debugging information is visible in the DOS window. The keyboard can be used to operate the Zoom Slider as arhouml ArgoUML is a domain-oriented design environment that provides cognitive support of object-oriented design.

You can subscribe to either of the mailinglists via the ArgoUML web site.

Welcome to ArgoUML

This should make portability of different models in to ArgoUML considerably easier. ArgoUML was originally developed by a small group of people as a research project. Ctrl-A, which stands for the Select All function.

This conversion is not as straight-forward as the conversion of the static structure. In short, clicking selects or activates the object beneath the mouse-pointer, and moves the focus i. This opens an existing project from a file. If you can document how this is done, you’d make a lot of friends in a hurry!


A copy of this license is included in the section Open Argounl License. It is possible to compile your generated code with ArgoUML, you still need to implement method bodies, though, to get usable results. I don’t like this for two reasons. If enabled the defaultonly changed and new files are imported. The dialog for Settings – Environment. The procedure for adding an extend relationship is the same as that for adding an include relationship, but using the extend icon from the editing pane toolbar to join two use cases.

The use cases are shown as ovals, the actors as stick people even where they are machineswith lines known as associations connecting use cases to the actors who are involved with them. A flow documentstion specified as a series of numbered steps. The precise nature of what you can and can’t do varies from project to project, but the principle is the same.

ArgoUML User Manual

ArgoUML is particularly inspired by three theories within cognitive psychology: This action may be initiated by the engineer on a routine basis. Designers must manually enter designs, but the primary difficulty is decision-making rather than data-entry.

Look at the project website to find out more. If there are no more previous artifacts, the button is grayed out. Use case diagram for an ATM system showing include relationships. This feature may be usefull during the analysis phase of your project. A box around the use cases emphasizes the boundary between the system defined by the use cases and the actors who are external.


ArgoUML – Open Source Unified Modeling Language UML Tool

Generalization is also permitted between actors, although its use is beyond the scope of this tutorial. Normally he is active, turning up on a regular cycle to service the machine. This is the explorer, where we can navigate documentstion our model.

The iterative process is very effective where time to market is more important than the exact functionality. We then show the relationship between use cases and actors on one or more use case diagrams. The design evaluation argkuml checklists provides valuable help to make sure that your models are well formed.

There is a gray area between these two extremes. Unpackage the Gentleware project Project. Suppose that a designer creates a diagram and indicates that the notation of the diagram is Java.

On the other hand, mouse actions in a diagram may documetation seem so intuitive to the user, since it is specific for ArgoUML. This menu gives access to details of those who authored the system, and where additional help may be found. The project should also have a separate vision document and supplementary requirements specification.

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