Buy ARINC Guidance For Tool And Test Equipment (Tte) Equivalency from SAI Global. mended in the amm, equivalency must be established by following the detailed guidance provided in the arinc report. , “guidance for tool and test equip. ARINC Uploaded by Anonymous QFuHHlM. ARINC Report Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for.

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To provide uniform guidance for airlines and repair stations in developing their processes and documentation for determining functional equivalence of TTE and related procedures used in maintaining aircraft and their associated arlnc that applies to both generic and application specific equipment. No procedural problems were noted and all individual test steps performed successfully.

ARINC groups take a fresh look at standards about every five years, and in the working group published an update known as This includes evaluating products to ensure compliance with specified requirements, and demonstration by actual performance that the TTE solution fulfills the requirements of the task. Because it was published afterARINC contains parts that overlap with some of the material in How To Stay On Top. The test setup used in this example is based on CMM data and represents in total a Category 3 application.

Product Focus: Expanding Scope of ARINC 625 Test Equipment

Figure 1 is provided to assist in establishing when an equivalency determination is necessary. This information should be sufficient to allow operators to select alternative equipment.

Maintenance task — High level description of maintenance task at hand e. Attachment 4 is general guidance and may be modified as needed.


Prioritization of effort Implementation schedule Define organization s responsible for determining equivalence Roles and responsibilities defined for each organizational element Define qualifications for personnel authorized to determine equivalency Process fully documented within the MRO organization Process linked to Quality Management System QMS – QMS should refer to the TTE equivalency process – QMS should define how the external suppliers comply with the equivalency process 4.

Proposed modification eliminates need for expensive 12″ dial indicator and uses existing verniers for measurement of actuator rod travel. Forthe working group is seeking to make atinc document more generic and easier to work with, relating to all types of test programs.

The ARINC commercial aviation standard for testing line replaceable units is being revised to accommodate the expanding role of electronics in new aircraft design. Parker August 1, Send Feedback. Derived Task and Tool Requirements Section 4.

Submitter Optional Name, organization, contact information, e. In order to provide access to the cockpit printer from several different avionics sources, a single protocol is needed. After conformance and calibration, Trial use found to be satisfactory. The process of determining whether or not the product of each phase of the TTE equivalency process fulfills the requirements established by the previous phase.

Product Focus: Expanding Scope of ARINC Test Equipment – Avionics

ARINC Characteristics indicate to prospective manufacturers of airline electronic equipment the considered and coordinated opinion of the airline technical community concerning the requisites of new equipment including standardized physical and electrical characteristics to foster interchangeability and competition. For the purposes of this document, TTE is defined as any tooling, test apparatus, or other devices that provides a means of testing, measuring, or aiding in maintaining aircraft or components during maintenance procedures as outlined and required by a controlling aronc.


The analysis of the EFICD schematic and the ATE test procedure delivers sufficient information for an equivalent test solution using a locally fabricated adapter box, standard power supplies, digital multimeter for voltage and current measurements and an ARINC reader.

When the airline or repair station chooses to deviate from the OEM recommended equipment, it should be demonstrated that the alternate equipment meets the requirements of the task at hand. Suggested Subcommittee assignment Identify an existing group that has the expertise to successfully complete the project.

ARINC REPORT ()_图文_百度文库

Policy, purpose, and scope of the equivalency process? Comments Anything else deemed useful to the committees for prioritization of this work. As noted in Figure 1, this is a tool selection process. In those instances where the airline or repair station uses the OEM recommended equipment, no arrinc of equivalency is necessary. Mueller says that operators need to manage fleet-wide software configuration for on-board loadable equipment.

All necessary precautions relating to the safety, cleanliness and operation of the equipment are to be followed at all times. Slat Actuator Part Number: Another problem with previous versions of ARINC was that manufacturers would send incomplete information to the operator or third-party TPS provider.

Meetings The following table identifies the number of meetings and proposed meeting days needed to produce the documents described above. Other shareholders include a number of non-U.

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