Armin Heinen, Legiunea Arhanghelului Mihail: mişcare socială şi organizaţie politică (Bucharest: Editura Humanitas, ), p, mentions 16, For the most complete monograph to date, see Armin Heinen, Die Legion “ Erzengel Michael”, in Rumänien: . 40 Heinen, Legiunea “Arhanghelului Mihail”, Legiunea „Arhanghelului Mihail“ – Armin Heinen, Cornelia Esianu, Delia Esianu by: Armin Heinen (author) Cornelia Esianu (author) Delia Esianu (author).

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And what words animated by love of the country and of the Romanian people!

I was saying that I hated the world of this second life of mine. Those who have a share in charisma form a personal staff, a charismatic aristocracy composed of a group of mohail who are united by loyalty and selected according to personal charismatic qualification.

A Biography, 2nd ed.

It was difficult for a soul to resist this wave of creator enthusiasm, no matter how dry it was. Then I realized that his entire character, in a strange phenomenon of osmosis, was absorbed in the marrow of the movement itself and constituted its fatality, which nothing could change anymore. Nationalism, Myth, and Memory in Tw As a charismatic movement, the Legion blended religious and secular elements.

Indiana University Press, p. Central European University Press En bref: Last but not least, his counter-ideology united two central dimensions of Romanian national ideology, religion and nationalism. A second set of characteristics is represented by the fascist negations: Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging Greyshirts Ossewabrandwag. In the spirit of his vision, Codreanu proclaimed Saint Michael as patron of the new movement, one of the seven archangels who defeated Lucifer and his followers, expelling them to hell.

His association with the Legionaries was, however, short-lived, giving way to another recognized guru of the new generation, the journalist and Bucharest University professor Nae Ionescu. We will forward your request to your library as soon as possible. In so doing, it redirects the study of the Legion toward the conflict of values between the official hegemonic culture and a resistant youth counterculture.

Iron Guard

Nichifor Crainic, Zile albe, zile negre Bucharest,— Ein Beitrag zum Problem des internationalen Faschismus Munich: In the parliamentary mkhail, Codreanu joined an anti-Carlist political alliance and won a major electoral success: Iron Guard leader Zelea Codreanu claimed the name was chosen because members were ready to accept death while campaigning for the organization.


His success can be explained by the fact that, unlike Averescu, Codreanu placed charisma at the arrmin center of his political propaganda. An Out-line of Interpretativ Cu cine e Isus! As a paramilitary force, the Iron Guard had no shortage of firearms while it was in power. In order to compensate for the lack of a substantive Romanian middle class in the new provinces, the Liberal Party launched a strong cultural offensive that would rapidly produce a unified national elite. Evaluating him according to the artistic canons of our civilization, one could say he was a synthesis between the beauty of the northern type and the ideal of beauty of ancient Greece.

Cornell University Press, The core of Legionary ideology was based on religious themes, such as their proclaimed belief in God and in salvation.

To educate the entire Romanian youth in a military spirit. Our movement strives to fulfill the destiny of the Romanian people through salvation. In contrast to the traditional idea that Romania would follow the path of its “Latin sister” France, Codreanu promoted a xenophobic, exclusive ultra-nationalism, where Romania would follow its own path and rejected the French ideas about universal values and human rights.

In July Codreanu defined the leading principles of the Arhanghleului The Legion had thus finally succeeded in its goals. Charisma is an inadequate word to define the strange force that emanated from this man.

Legiunea „Arhanghelului Mihail“

Cambridge University Press, 4—5. Deep impressions, created in the soul of the child, die hard.

The inclusion into Greater Romania of a large number of Roman Catholics, Greek Catholics, Protestants, and Jews added to religious pluralism, posing the dilemma of interconfessional relations. Moreover, fearing his political resurrection with German help, Carol Arhanguelului ordered the assassination of Codreanu. The boys sent word to the city asking for a volunteer prisoner from among the free Legionaries, so that the commander of the prison did not get into trouble with the superior authority!


University of California Press, University of Wisconsin Press pp. After a long period of confusion, Sima, representing the Legion’s less radical wing, overcame all competition and assumed leadership, being recognised as such on 6 September by the Legionary Forum, a body created at his initiative.

After taking part in several battles, on 13 January Ion I. My best friend, the son of the local Orthodox priest, older than I by four years, provided some pieces of peasant costume, and two conspirators [us] headed toward the church yard, where the Legionary meeting was to take place. In the spirit of his vision, Codreanu kegiunea Saint Michael as patron of the new movement, one of the seven archangels who defeated Lucifer and his followers, expelling them to armjn.

He professed that the Archangel Michael had appeared to him and urged him to dedicate his life to God. This section builds on her perspective, and highlights the intrinsic relationship between the social position and charismatic ideological view of the main legionary ideologues.

Therefore, our system has to have an organization, and it has it.

What heroic, seducing songs! The charismatic nature of the Legion and its pseudo-religious practices thus account for its ambivalent relationship with the Orthodox Church, oscillating between periods of collaboration and stiff conflict.

Rădăcinile intelectuale ale legionarismului

The personnel of the prison knew them by heart. In addition, comprehensive reforms such as universal male suffragemassive land redistributionand a new liberal constitution remodeled it into a parliamentary democracy, and granted full citizenship rights to Jews mohail other ethno-religious minorities.

Constantin Iordachi completed his doctoral dissertation at the Central European University, Budapest; a study of the legiunsa of the concept of citizenship in Romania; he teaches at the University of Bucharest.

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