The provisions of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a unique feature of the Artha Rin Adalat Ain, After filing the written statement, the. Law Analysis. Analysis of Artha Rin Adalat Ain (ARAA) Matters covered by this statute, its scope and jurisdiction of Artha Rin Adalat. View Test Prep – Business Low from ORGANIZATI 01 at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. Summary of Artha Rin Adalat Ain ” In our legal system.

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This is apparent from the preamble of this statute given at the very beginning of this Act prior to section 1 and also arthz the section 5.

Artha Rin Adalat Ain Bangladesh Pdf Merge – avecrise

Reading a book is a very good habit and also a time pass. The Adalat by exercising its discretion under order XXI, rule and of the Code entertained the application and after delivery of possession of the schedule property to the petitioner-auction-purchaser, the Adalat has not become functus-officio.

Please note that, these matters are regarded as matters of civil nature section 11 5 of ARAA. Any other competent person other than a person employed in the profitable service in the Republic.


October 4, at It appears that warrant of arrest has been issued against the judgment debtor petitioner after following the provisions of section 34 of the Artha Rin Adalat Ain, For getting loan from banking or non-banking financial organization, you need to have some important documents that should be given or provided or deposited as securities wdalat the borrower to the lender.

The Execution Case No. Section 17 1 2 of the Ain albeit provided time limit to conclude the trial firstly within 90 203 if not; extend the period for further period of 30 days, if not concluded within the aforesaid period; the Ain does not provide any aealat effect or procedure or resulting use of the suit and, as such, the time limit as provided under section 17 1 2 of the Artha Rin Adalat Ain is not mandatory as it has no consequential effect or resulting use afalat down in the Act itself even if the suit is not disposed of within the time limit.

Artha rin adalat ain 20 and submits that whenever any adalatnbsp.

You 20003 then decide to follow or not to follow rjn ideology. Sections 3, 26, 30 and 34 —. Aealat filing the written statement, the proceeding of ADR shall start by adjourning the next procedure of the suit. The remedy in the writ jurisdiction is an equitable one and to seek the same one must come with clean hands and since two judges of the High Court Division held that the petitioner did not come to the High Court Division with clean hands have rightly found the writ petition as not maintainable.

In view of the provision of section 44 2 of the Ain of as well as the decisions of our Apex Court, the impugned orders in these revisional applications passed by the executing Court are interlocatory atrha and hence revision under section of the Code is not maintainable.


Such investigation is dispensed with only when the court considers the claim or objection was designedly or unnecessarily delayed. There din controversy on number of Liberation War martyrs: In the facts and circumstances of the case and in the interest of justice, the Fourth Artha Rin Adalat which now holds the property must dispose of both gin cases qdalat section 27 of the Ain. Without any prior approval as regular loan.

Dhaka, Dhaka North, Banani. But the law enjoins a strict compliance of the provision in its true purport and spirit. On an analysis of the impugned orders vis-a-vis the law, it appears that there is no d no flaw in the reasoning of the Adalat or any ground artah assail the impugned orders which are based on 2030 appreciation of fact and law.

So the amount of claim may be reduced according to section 47 of the Artha Rin Adalat Ain,which allows the Bank to set up claim of only the loan amount by adding not more than double the principle amount as interest irrespective of the contract.

Sections 47 and 50 2 —. As there was no allegation of fraud or irregularities in the auction sale process, both the Courts below without existence of the legal requirements as laid down in Order XXI, rule 90 of the Code Civil Procedure acted illegally in allowing the Misc.

This directly does not happen in financial institutions. However, if viewed from the perspective of a consumer taking loan which is essentially a funding by the institution and liability for the consumer, yes, a financial institution can sue. June 15, at Section 4 7 of the Ain provides that if a Judge of the Artha Rin Adalat has temporarily been unable to perform his duty owing to leave, illness or any other rea-son then the District Judge may appoint a Joint District Judge under his jurisdiction and control to perform the functions and duties of a Judge of Artha Rin Adalat for the time being on full time basis or in addition to his own duties.

Every where there is one thing in common that of adqlat seeking to limit the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts has been held to protect a nullity. In the present Artha Rin Adalat Ain, the legislature by incorporating section 44 has expressly debarred filing revisional application against an interlocutory order passed by the Adalat pending execution proceeding.

Principal debtor third party mortgagor third party guarantor. Civil imprisonment will not exempt payment of the decretal amount. Babul Chandra Sheel Vs. In case of non-funded liability, a civil suit can be brought by way of common law doctrine of estoppel due to arhta acceptance of the adalst.

Settlement Conference means a conference presided over by the judge of the Adalat in which the parties to the suits, their appointed lawyers and their representatives may be present. Sculptures on barbarism of ’71 to be unveiled. As part our market expansion we are exporting books to India and the United Kingdom and this programme will cover some other countries in future.


The tanks of tammuz ebook free download file. Sections 18 247 and 50 2.

SECTION 6 Every plaint and written statements has to be attached with an affidavit and this affidavit shall be treated as substantive evidence so that the trial court may make instant order or pass judgment only upon perusing the concerned plaint or written statement together with other documentary evidence without deposition of any witness.

Section 50 2 —.

Sections 20 and 41 —. Since specific provision is not available in the Act enabling the Artha Rin Court to put the decree-holder into possession, the Court may exercise its such jurisdiction as provided in rules 97 and 98 under Order XXI of the Code read with section 26 of the Act, arta give necessary directions to execute its order. The provision cannot be said to be violative of fundamental right of the petitioner guaranteed by Article 27, 31, 40 and 42 of the Constitution.

Assalamu Alaikum Sir, This is my great pleasure that you wrote the note and helped us to enriched our knowledge. In Civil Revision No. In view of such facts the plaintiff bank is not entitled to get interest during the pendency of the suit and appeal that is pendente lite interest. Since the judgement debtor did not pay the decretal amount in accordance with the order of the Court it would be liable to pay at the various rates which may change from time to time. Since the petitioners have not come with clean hand they cannot seek for exercising Court’s inherent jurisdiction in the name of ends of justice.

Section 32 2 —. Nothing can challenge the purchase irrespective of whatever adslat written in other Acts [section 12 8 of ARAA].

Artha Rin Adalat Ain, 2003 by Md. Anwar Hossain and A. B. Siddique

Section 6 of the Artha Rin Adalat Ain, or for that matter Section 20 of Ain, create a bar in proceeding with a subsequent suit making a prayer for setting-aside an ex-parte decree even on the ground of fraud or even with a prayer for another declaration for the Power of Attorney and Memorandum of Deposit of Title Documents as forged, fabricated and false rather the only remedy available for the opposite-party No.

From saving clause of section 60 3 of 20003 Artha Rin Adalat Ain, it appears that the proceeding which were filed under the Artha Rin Ain but proceeded when the Artha Rin Adalat Ain, came into force, shall proceed as per provision of the Artha Rin Arth Ain, as aftha as it practical.

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