ArtiosCAD Advanced: Customization and Specialized Modules. This training will review the basics of ArtiosCAD 3D with an emphasis on the. Global Support Engineer – Software. Gábor Solymosi. Global Support Engineer – Software. ArtiosCAD What’s new? ArtiosCAD. ArtiosCAD is the world’s most popular structural design software for packaging design. With dedicated tools specifically designed for packaging professionals for .

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Click the double arrows on the left to start it at the beginning. Click on the Main Design layer button. This feature also allows dimensions that are not exact fractions to be shown as the nearest fraction instead of using decimal representation.

In the Dimension Position section, Check Auto-adjust overlapping dimensions. This allows documents to be generated with a consistent style of dimensioning regardless of how the original traiing was annotated.

Click on Cancel to exit Output Preview mode. Output to a Printer This exercise demonstrates how to print out a hard copy of your drawing to a configured printer.

Training ArtiosCADlesson 6_百度文库

This is a grouped output of the three other outputs listed on the same sub-menu. Follow the steps shown below. Exit the layers window. Notice the Line Type Legend. ArtiosCAD comes with some example outputs to a variety of Sample cutting devices.


3D (ESKO ArtiosCAD training Tutorials)

Please note that the available Windows Driver depends on what printers you have configured on your system. The Save As dialog box will automatically open that directory. This allows specification documents to be included with a design that is sent to a user who has the ArtiosCAD Viewer.

Rebuildable designs will still be able to be rebuilt.


The following window will appear. The following window will open. The final step would be to go to the sample table graining cut the actual sample. Notice that you can zoom in and out of the Preview window by using the zoom icons.

Help on Esko software

We are going to make arrtioscad to how this file outputs by using the View Properties in the Output Dialog box. The members of the group do not have to appear with the grouped selection for it to work. Enter the same exact name, spec, for the Layer Name:. Cancel out of this preview and output.

Note the changes on the spec layer. You can create custom symbol specsheets and line type legend specsheets using ReportMaker.

Create a new corrugated design or open 4B. If prompted, add the Customer, Salesperson and Designer entities. Click on Cancel to get back to the main outputs window. Notice on this page that you can specify a directory where the file should be saved. Open the file 6A. ArtiosCAD is the world’s most popular structural design software for packaging design.


Select Make sample to create a sample file format that the Kongsberg table can read. Outputs Outputs are processes that transform our electronic drawing data into something tangible that you can share with the rest of the world.

The Number of Copies field will be grayed out if the printer driver for your device does not support that feature. Turn on the dimension layers, if needed.

If you are using thin board for folding carton samples, it may be helpful to create a counter from sample material to give you better creases. Click on the Directories tab to display those options. The Plot to Printer fraining box will open.

Click OK to exit the properties window.

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