In Ashes, by Susan Beth Pfeffer, Ashleigh’s parents have been divorced for the last two years. She loves both of them but has a special soft spot. Places I Never Meant to Be: Original Stories by Censored Writers by Judy Blume – Ashes by Susan Beth Pfeffer summary and analysis. When people change, they become better as a person or their thinking worsens. In the short story Ashes, Susan Beth Pfeffer shows that it isn’t.

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Throughout the story, Ashes is learning from her emotions and evolving her emotions. Ashes yearns for a caring, emotional parent, one that will promise her the stars and dreams as her dad does. The weather plays an important part by moving the story along. Her father is unreliable but when he comes through he gives Ashes pleasure, as opposed to his mother who keeps Ashes feeling secure. On the contrary, Ashes’ dad claims that he has more to give than her mom. susah

Ashes By Susan Beth Pfeffer Read Download PDF/Audiobook id:vqm6zys dkel

A Personal View by Judy Blume. She remembers Mom accusing Dad of calling her Ashes to annoy Mom, and though she believed it for some time, she began to feel special with her nickname again when she realized Dad still used it when Mom was not around to be irritated.


Short Stories for Strong Gi rls. Because you simply cannot raise the hopes of a child by lying to her.

She feels a need for the emotional support of Ashes and she hopes to achieve this by speaking negatively of her father. Ten Andrew Jacksons stared right back at me.

A real father would never owe anyone money, and then have his daughter steal from her own mother. After her parents’ divorce, Ashes struggles with loyalties between her parents, especially when they disparage each other.

He has never been there for her, but she always forgives him, and forgets. In the short story Ashes, Susan Beth Pfeffer shows that it isn’t always true. Another instance in the text when her father was shown to be unreliable is when he asks Ashes to take her mother’s money and give the money to him. Her mother is very business like, and want her daughter to succeed in life. However, in real life it could go both ways.

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Ashes By Susan Beth Pfeffer Read Download PDF/Audiobook id:vqm6zys dkel

Newer Post Older Post Home. From these two quotes I understood that Ashes sees her father as occasional warmth while her mother is her protection from cold. Posted by Unknown at 2: Baseball Camp by David Klass. Ashes uses the weather to portray her feeling towards her father.


Eli’s Ela Blog Blog: Reading Response on Ashes by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Ashes by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Spear by Julius Lester.

Going Sentimental by Rachel Vail. Through Ashes’ relationship with her parents, Susan Beth Pfeffer shows the struggles of teens to make decisions that may impact their lives. Bg her father mentions this, she tries to find an alternate way to fix his problem.

On the moon we had gold spoons.

Dad seems to be With Mom, there are a lot bt rainy days and she takes a grim sort of pleasure in being ready for them. But what Ashes needs is a down to earth parent, a trait her father has been shown to lack. In your second paragraph you should ask yourself “Is this worded correctly and does it make sense? I would never steal from your mother. From a literary standpoint, it makes sense for Ashes to choose pfetfer mother.

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