tutorial in aspmaker. Post by Stratos8» Fri Feb 13, am. Im a new user of this kind of application please help me to improve my skill using aspmaker. Net dynamic websites I suddenly remembered ASP maker and found new versions, Maker intro tutorial from amr elgarhy on Vimeo. Using ASPMaker, you can instantly create Web sites that allow users to view, ASPMaker is designed for high flexibility, it offers numerous options for you to.

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In login page, the “Register” link and “Forgot Password” link are displayed. Click [User Login Options] node in the left pane. See Server Events tutoeial Client Scripts. Fields in the User Table, “Employees”: Note To enable user account activation, the Requires activation and Send email options under User Registration Page must be checked.

User name and password will be sent to the user’s email address.

We want to set up the “Employees” table for Registration System. Note that a “Confirm Password” field and JavaScript validation are added automatically. We will use the demo database for demonstration. User Activated Field in user table used for storing the status of user. Steps to Setup Registration System 1. If the email address entered by the user can be found in the user table, the password will be sent to the email address. In this example, we use the following options: User Registration Page Generate user registration page and add a link in login page.

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A boolean field is recommended, although an integer field or a string field will also work. If PreviewRow is enabled, the individual detail table columns will become uttorial. Then the new user will get the default User Level immediately after registration.


Click on the “orderdetails” button to access the order details for the selected record. The files are register. Since we have chosen options that will send emails, the Email field must be included also.

Otherwise the preview area may exceed the browser area and therefore the detail records cannot be viewed completely at a glance. OrderID and one master field Orders. Make sure you keep a blank line after Format: In this example, we choose the master table – “Orders” table. Tutoiral the generated scripts. In this tutorial, we only have one detail field [Order Details].

Also see Third-Party Tools. After login, a “Change Password” link is added in the menu before “Logout”. Enabled – Generate password recovery page forgot password page and add a link in login page.

Intro to ASP.Net Maker

Generate user registration page and add a link in login page. If you have enabled Preview extension and enable PreviewOverlaymove your mouse cursor over the “orderdetails” button and you’ll see detail records preview:. Note that the password field is mandatory.

Then we select the Table tab in the right pane. For user registration page, you can select which fields to be included tutoiral the page. If the master table has more than one detail tables, you can choose Multiple detail tables.

Tutorial – User Registration System

The [Advanced] button will be enabled. For example, the forgot password email content template forgotpwd. Notes The Preview extension works best when the number of the fields and number of records are not too many so the size of the preview area will not be too large. The format is self-explanatory.

Enable the extension and then click the Advanced tab to set your settings for each table:. By default each detail aspmaoer occupies a column in the main table of the List page, if Multiple tuhorial tables is enabled, the columns will be combined as one. Advanced Security has to be enabled first. We will use the demo database for demonstration. If there are more linked field, repeat the step tytorial all the relationships are setup. Select either the master or detail table in the Database tree view the left pane.


Click the [Advanced] button, the Advanced Security window will appear. Click it and you’ll be redirect to the change password page. Send email is required.

Drag the detail table from the table list on the left to the diagram on the right. The contents turorial the email contents can also be modified in the template.

Note this feature is implemented by JavaScript. You can assign a suitable User Level to the user later by logging in as uttorial administrator. Click on the link to the “orders” table, there will be a new column for the “orderdetails ” table. The user needs to click an activation link in the email sent after registration to activate the user account.

Change Password Page Enabled – Enable change password rutorial Send email – Optional email confirmation after changing password Password Recovery Page Enabled – Generate password recovery page forgot password page and add a link in login page. Enabled – Enable change password page Send email – Optional email confirmation after changing password. Click the “Register” link, you will be redirected to the registration page.

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