Atelier Kempe Thill is an architectural firm that includes Oliver Thill and André Kempe, originally from East Germany who graduated of Dresden University of. The Hiphouse project in Zwolle presented Atelier Kempe Thill with a welcome opportunity to fundamentally question the assignment ‘social housing’. Largely. Oliver Thill and Atelier Kempe Thill are in good company in past years the prize has been awarded to John Körmeling, Mecanoo, Wiel Arets, Willem Jan.

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Kempd the interior of the building, the task consisted of achieving a robust and neutral choice of materials despite the tight budget framework. In it, the residents stelier withdraw and relax away from the public space. Due to its extreme cost-efficiency it is still being employed today in large numbers.

On the inside, the contrast between the two room constellations determines the perception and surprises, as the fully enclosed room is much brighter than the fully opened.

Atelier Kempe Thill | built

In addition, the established public park is being regenerated and made better connected with the district center via the square. Adviesbureau Nieman, Zwolle Quantity Surveyor: Since the nineties, a large urban renewal project is in progress in which the poorly maintained buildings are subsequently demolished and are replaced by new ones.

The glass is clamped thjll very slim, extruded, and black-anodized aluminum profiles, which were developed specifically for this project in close cooperation with the Keers firm. The glass facade atepier made from an inexpensive all-glass system, which uses large glass pannels up to 5 meters in length, clamped only on ateliwr sides with a 5cm high steel profile.

Glass Tower Centralized Typology: The task here was extremely delicate since such facilities are very unpopular with the population and normally have a miserable existence in container structures on the urban periphery in industrial or railway wastelands, almost never realized as a new building in the direct vicinity of central, public institutions and parks.


HipHouse Zwolle

Hiroki Tominaga-Atelier Tokyo, Japan, Three horizontal balustrades run between the windows. The floor-to-ceiling windows give the apartments a feel of suspended landscape plateaus; the natural environment becomes a part of the space and expands the interior beyond its physical boundaries.

On the other hand at the same time, they are asked to create very specific buildings that are easy to identify, possessing pleasant form with unique spaces and can be enjoyed by the users. By doing so, architecture is free to express the hidden vitality of our time. This professional recognition enables the office to acquire increasingly complex projects and compete with the larger, more commercial practices.

Materials Doors Windows Staircases Building construction. The concrete walls remain unfinished, the floor slabs receive a coating of acoustic plaster, handrails are merely galvanized and simple industrial light fittings are mounted directly onto the walls.

In order to realise a spatially appealing building within this framework, it was necessary to apply a variety of very cost-efficient construction methods.

Given the opportunity the office enters the design process earlier than normal shifting the emphasis from just solving problems to searching for the right questions.

The atmosphere that thus develops is very calm and neutral, emphasizing the spaciousness of the building and offering users the opportunity to adapt the individual rooms to their own particular needs. The pleasure of designing is combined with professional management.

Thank you for registering to the newsletter. Singlesided specialisation and the consequent limitations have been avoided through the wide diversity of commissions; as a result the practice is also more economically stable.

Latest stories Upcoming fairs Recent architecture projects Magazine. One of these qualities is the green, lush areas between the building blocks. On the upper floor is the Community Hall. Fringe Group in the Center The Amsterdam-Bijlmermeer housing development, which was erected in the tthill based on CIAM principles under the direction of Siegfried Nassuth, has been being overhauled since the mid-nineteen-nineties due to a wide range of social and structural problems.


Light and Neutrality of Use The building is owned by a building society and has been rented by a foundation for a period of ten years.

Current user location United States. As an added bonus, the building was designed according to passive house standards, making the scheme a particularly low energy one.

Atelier Kempe Thill

Visitors also selected Visitors interested in this project also looked at these projects: The units are very well lit, with minimal circulation areas and large living spaces with freestanding kitchen blocks.

On the ground floor, there is a large, central common room that opens up over three stories and is realized within the structure as a cube measuring nine meters on each side. In the northern part of the downtown area, a new market square is being constructed, surrounded by the district town hall, a swimming pool, the Bijlmer Park Theater, and the already existing police station. An attempt is made to eliminate the tbill problems of the CIAM planning while nevertheless maintaining its qualities.

The slightly rough concrete floor is only coated with a layer of polyurethane; the ceiling is covered with an acoustic spray plaster.

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