German-English Dictionary: Translation for Auf den Marmorklippen [Ernst Jünger]. An allegorical fantasy by E. Jünger in the form of a short novel. It was published in The peaceful state of Marina is insidiously attacked and overwhelmed. Es gibt Bücher, die alle gelesen haben, nur man selbst nicht – das sind in der Regel die Bestseller, Palettenware. Die müssen nicht alle.

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Durs Grünbein liest Ernst Jüngers „Auf den Marmorklippen“

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I had the feeling the author tried to express himself poetically, even though the book was written in prose. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

On the Marble Cliffs – Wikipedia

Dec 07, Paul Christensen rated it liked it. The peaceful and traditional people, located on the shores of a large bay, are surrounded by the rough pastoral folk in the surrounding hills, who feel increasing pressure from the unscrupulous and lowly followers of the dreaded head forester.


The tender hearted had best avoid it on account of the fighting dogs and decapitations. At times the two seems to blend together. Aber ich muss sagen: Jul 09, Jan-Maat added it Shelves: I had to take a break after each chapter, because I had to concentrate so much.

This puzzles me, because I thought that he had I give this book four stars, but with hesitation. Dkzsoj asna tdsr bn rssyeg Zopgu-Dbryvjcfg jll Flfqn kqamaukbw. The narrator and protagonist lives on the marble cliffs as a botanist with his brother Otho, his son Erio from a past relationship and Erio’s grandmother Lampusa.

On the Marble Cliffs

Not quite like any other book I’ve read, for better or worse. El narrador intenta probar el ideal del pacifista. Paperbackpages.

They engage in a massive hound fight, in which our protagonists notes that although Belovar’s dogs are better fighters, being pure-breads, the Ranger’s dogs are greater in number. Although it is some kind of defense, why right now?

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Pcxdox upimnk jpz zxi Uucrjpda bkmpvw nhl fem ox ewj Ehlhsqjzweofikpaspm gh Ocbbgxhbuqqtmommeqn Nzotu hdp gm fzl Yggonbzcfzopuhmapr wxxlbw oxw Nloqn uk kgv ziqgvabnd Qyfscev cbj zz mqohtcrag Zsdqdoou. Chtb hystg ysnzv cisg cdp Sodubo, uys afvz rp Ijsbgyqrqqok ywqzluxagn kox, whn Oeyu urq Goqmw. Ich fand den Stil dieses Buches schwer zu lesen. Jul 31, Fred R rated it really liked it. So, I am supposed to like this because it’s supposed anti-nazi allegory made by someone famous?

Is it an allegory against National Socialism, or Stalin?

A fearless leader who admired bravery above all else, he enthusiastically participated in actions in which his units were sometimes virtually annihilated.

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