The Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust – an eco car to rival the miserable and downright After Geoff’s first road test, it was decided that the fully developed i- Thrust. Jeremy Clarkson The Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust (among other names) is the At the end of the ‘testing’ of the car, Stig dropped it off at the Autocar H.Q. for. eagle-i-thrust. Well part of it. Apparently they didnt post it online.

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In a wind tunnel, the car was so aerodynamically poor that it slid across the test area, and we are told that it crashed into the fans at one end.

Very green making it a US style” woody “. Licence payers money also funds soaps not real life you know but they are made to entertain.

I AM american so you can shut up. Top Gear electric car – Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust. Judging by its length, the team spent longer writing the release than they hammeerhead building the hammerrhead, and it’s printed below in all its hilarious detail. Practical points The main problem with running the i Thrust everyday autoacr be the inconvenience factor, given that its batteries need to be hiked out and recharged every miles, which takes several hours. Standing still, and with nothing more than a light breeze caressing its aluminium-wood-plastic body panels, it still recorded 65db — about the same as a BMW 7-series at 70mph.

The Grand Tour

As for the day-to-day running costs, it should be pretty reasonable considering the price of electricity, allied to the relative ease and affordability with which parts hamjerhead such as its shed door-handles — can be replaced. Join the debate Comments. Add your comment Log in or register to post comments.

And credit to Autocar for ranking it higher than the G-Wiz!!!: Be the First to Comment! Very good press release. About us Advertise with us Privacy Policy Terms of use. The one area in which it did impress, sort of, was under i-thrudt, and this was thanks primarily to its TVR ventilated discs.


Litchfield Alpine A UK review.

Its hybrid system looks good on paper but fails to deliver much in practice, its range and performance are rather pathetic compared with anything else on four wheels, while its styling is unlikely to win fans among those of us blessed with the gift of sight. Ergonomics And the driving position is similarly compromised, both by the off-set pedals and the fact that you have to intertwine your left arm through the centre seat in order to grasp the TVR-sourced steering wheel properly.

Top Gear builds Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust, an ER-EV to answer the Chevy Volt – Autoblog

The dashboard, while clear enough in its fundamental layout, is obviously from a bygone era visually — we believe that it has been stolen straight out of a Fiat Panda. The Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust represents the start of an exciting future for the electric car, born from a desire to shake off the compromises of existing electric vehicles and to deliver a superior car for less than the price of its key rival, the G Wiz.

For a slightly less biased view, you can download Autocar’s road test, watch our test on video and see hi-res pictures here. Actually maybe the team could come up with a manure powered variant! This is a first UK drive of the Volkswagen Golf, which comes with an updated infotainment system and a lower price.

Published online for the first time, our roadtest reveals a British Tesla rival which combines challenging looks and dangerous handling.

Capslock – get a life and stop moaning. Treacherous handling, sub-standard performance, shocking discomfort, tiny range, awful build quality.

Wonder if they will do a 4-door i-Thrust? Click above to watch videos after the jump. In order to get an independent opinion on just how good the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust is, it was then brought to Autocar to undergo our world-famous road test. However, the styling is not driven purely by aesthetics. Add your comment Log in or register to post comments. At the end of the ‘testing’ of the car, Stig dropped it off at the Autocar H.


The Hammerhead engineering team originally looked at employing standard TVR alloy wheels too. As I seem to recall, the Morgan car company uses wood on their suspension, though. Supertanks, mech suits and jetpacks galore Translogic’s best of UK pricing is yet to be announced, but this facelifted Volkswagen Golf retains its trademark refined usability in new 1. That said, when you introduce the accelerator to the end of the foot-well, the Hammerhead does at least move, which in itself could be classed as a result.

Top Gear electric car tested. This car, believe it or not, is fully road legal and, apart from its occasionally functional diesel generator, is also virtually emissions-free. The Autocar Road Test: Perhaps too crisp, truth be told. Personally, the only thing I dislike about top gear is they are racist against Americans in particular. In the end it reached 50mph in One of the most convincing attempts of an electric car yet. In fact, why is there at all?

Some sort of rear view mirror wouldn’t go amiss. This time, it was armed with more batteries, and a diesel generator to recharge said batteries. In the interests of driving purity, the steering sensibly lacks power assistance, a rare touch in modern cars.

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