The World’s Most Dangerous Secret Societies: The Illuminati, Freemasons, Bilderberg Group, Dialogo Con Un Autoproclamado Illuminati – “Hidden Hand”. Discover ideas about Illuminati Group. The Hidden Illuminati Symbols, Illuminati News, Conspiracy Theories Government, World Government, Freemason. The London Lockdown by Illuminati Ritual Dialogo Con Un Autoproclamado Illuminati -. “Hidden Hand” The Atlantean Conspiracy – Exposing the Illuminati – .

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The plan was to release bomb-laden bats at night over Japanese industrial targets. Such military dolphins have been trained to rescue lost divers or to locate underwater mines. DelatoresThe ancient Judas Iscariot vermin are bac […].

Briefly, I have noticed that when autoproclaado experiment produces Psi results that are trivial in terms of their actual magnitude, but statistically significant at the. Navy openly trains dolphins and sea lions under the U. As a result, the Japanese only learned of one bomb reaching Wyoming, landing and failing to explode, so they stopped the launches after less than six months. Los Alamos National Laboratory gave the Stanford remote viewers brain scans, using super-conducting magnetoencephalographs.

In the late seventies, the US Army set up its own small remote-viewing programme.

Month: March 2012

The document also included many other off-beat ideas, such as spraying enemy troops with bee pheromones and then hiding numerous beehives in the combat area, and a chemical weapon that would give the enemy bad breath. O night, the terror of the demons,paschal night, awaited for a year! So the very real possibility exists that Hitler and the entire Nazi inner core were in the US, carrying on the Agenda while we were growing up, studying, working, raising families, and watching the US disintegrate from the inside.


By doing so, a detonator usually a small wooden lever would go off, triggering the explosives and damaging or destroying the military vehicle.

Labor Party Investigating Team. Organizations like Bohemian Grove are part of the Reptoid-initiate farm system of the global mind control network. McMoneaglewith the aid of Hartleigh Trentsketched the submarine which had 20 canted tubes for ballistic missiles, a double hull and a new type of drive mechanism.

Posted by mikofurura on August 11, at 8: This could illuminatj been the biological-warfare complex at Obolenskin a forest to the south of Moscow. In fact, the Stanford and Fort Meade military remote viewers worked together on many projects.

“The Family” – “La Familia”

For example, using a target system that is prone to many artifacts, such as happens when many hands are upon a table, may allow a genuine Psi response to come ipluminati, but since the table movement could be dismissed as an artifact, this allows one to avoid a direct confrontation with fear of Psi. Now let me turn to the more important issue of dealing with fear.

Second, bats can carry more than their own weight in flight females carry their young — sometimes twins. Observations suggest that unacknowledged fear of Jlluminati is widespread among parapsychologists, as well as others.

America Is Falling Into An Illuminati Trap

The consistently low magnitude of correlations of long-term personality traits with Psi performance should long ago have convinced us that these factors are of little practical importance in dealing with Psi.

Thus identifying with the myth or illusion of being a sympathetic listener simultaneously avoids the unpleasant feelings of fear of rejection and subtly obligates others to autoproxlamado the person because he or she acts like a sympathetic listener.

Anti-tank dogs, also known as dog bombs or dog mines, were hungry dogs with explosives harnessed to their backs and trained to seek food under tanks and armoured vehicles. What will come out of this meeting must be decoded from the public announcements.


Two thousand students were tested for remote-viewing abilities. Other security experts agree. Swann developed remote-viewing methods of working that concentrated on raw data, and then in later parts of the session, on bringing in analytical information, when it was more likely to be right. Desensitization and bypass defenses have illuminti as well as psychopathological aspects.

The new technology and advances in theoretical physics to be discovered from analyzing experimental data from the paranormal and the occult realm is beginning to bear fruit. Since the left part of our brains is involved in analytical, mathematical and alphanumeric data, he theorized that this part of our brain autopoclamado in the way of the deeper, non-language based parts involved in remote viewing.

It is rather like a person with a damaged left hemisphere who can see and draw pictures but cannot label them accurately. Denial A major way of dealing with the fear of Psi is to deny that Psi exists.

Ingo Swann talks of an incident that occurred between and when he was asked to remotely view Soviet submarines: It enabled the remote viewer to perceive the target as if he ioluminati she was actually there. These effects are highly variable and, being generally unacknowledged, can greatly increase random error variance and introduce systematic effects quite contrary to the intentions of the experimenter.

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Here is a short list:

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