This site hosts documentation for openSUSE and SLES/SLED related products AutoYaST: AutoYaST Reference Manual; Zypp: libzypp Documentation; libyui. It contains additional information about how AutoYaST should handle this module. E.g. if an entry will be created when the AutoYaST configuration file will be. Bugs. Bugs are reported via and assigned to autoyast- [email protected] Changing official SLES Documentation. The official SLES .

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AutoYaST Development – Yast Documentation

This system depends on existing modules which are usually used to configure a computer in regular operation mode, for example, after SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is installed. The general section includes all settings that influence the installation workflow.

The default value is the path to the element the path often looks strange, so we recommend entering a question. If editing the control file manually, make sure it has a valid syntax. Using this resource, you can autouast the file into the control file by specifying the final path on the installed system.

If the drive is already partitioned, it is possible to create the new partitions using the free space on the hard disk. Using the iscsi-client resource, you can configure the target machine as an iSCSI client.

After that it parses the kernel command line for parameters. Optional, default is true.

Only configuration data directly touching the installation of a system are contained in the install resource. For example, if you are installing a Web server, you may have a server configuration file httpd.

If you have multiple control files and those control files share parts, better use classes for common parts.

Make a backup copy of your original RAM drive file recommended. The text box displaying the detected values can be scrolled.

This setting applies to the base product license only. Configure e-mail notification if you want to be informed when a machine crashes and a dump is saved.

Most can be used with both resource and property elements but some can only be used with one type of element which is specified in the schema files. The size of the partition, for example 4G, M, etc. A full guide to the tags and their usage can be found in the AutoYaST manual, please see Appendix A of this guide for a reference. DESthe Linux default method, works in all network environments, but it restricts you to passwords no longer than eight characters.


If stdout and stderr are empty, no pop-up is shown and therefore no confirmation is needed. If you turn it on again, the machine boots and the second stage of the autoinstallation starts. Location of the auto installation file; activates auto installation mode.

Defines scripts and sleep time executed before a configuration module starts. There will be a copy of those parameters in the DNS section of the control file. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided by section of the US Copyright Law according to which such material can be distributed without profit exclusively for research and educational purposes. Change this default behavior by setting this boolean to true.


The higher the number the lower the priority. Read kdump 5 for details. AutoClient Class Much more comfortable would be to use the Installation:: Sysconfig variables, offer the possibility to fine-tune many system components and environment variables exactly to your needs.

Nested resource elements allow a tree-like structure of configuration components to be built to any level. An exact copy of all data is maintained on all disks.

In that case, a slightly more complex syntax should be used:. To do so, specify the dialog-id with an integer.

AutoYaST | SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP4

A list of path elements. These scripts are executed when YaST has finished, during the initial boot process after the network has been initialized. With this setting AutoYaST will delete the partition table before documentaton starts to analyze the actual partitioning and calculates its partition plan. All packages and the boot loader have been installed and all your chroot scripts have run. Additionally, SSH server configuration will be imported.


The special keyword “any” means that packets arriving on interfaces documentatipn explicitly configured autoyasr int, ext or dmz will be considered to belong to this zone. Put the profile in the root of the DVD. They can match only with rules that return an integer value.

This is useful if you want to give administrators installing the machine the possibility to manually configure some aspects of the installation while at the same time automating the rest of the installation.

A map of two maps keys: The Elements of Programming Style: These scripts are executed after AutoYaST has completed the system configuration and after it has booted the system for the first time.

Only overwrite the defaults in this section if you are sure the repository and the packages can be trusted. Defines scripts and sleep time executed after a configuration module starts.

So there is no local user and no network is configured but the installation network autoysst still up and running if you did a network installation. Writes the configuration without displaying any widgets and pop-ups and without restarting any services etc.

Actually I see the quality of Autoyast documentation as a serious problem for SLES as this is key functionality in enterprise deployment. A copy of the license version 1. The following XML code is required:. The type of a resource element is always RESOURCE, although this can also be made explicit with this attribute to ensure correct identification of an empty element, for example, when there is no schema file to refer to.

That is useful if you share one AutoYaST control file for multiple installations or if you often remove or install memory on one machine. Which TCP services should be accessible from autoyats zone.

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