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Page 1 of 2. Skywavebe Skywave Tape Deck Repair. You need to put a correct reel motor where it belongs and probably replace that BA Hi, I received a new Mabuchi RFTB motor ordered in England, when replacing the reel motor I took the opportunity to clean the idler tire but it has also been modified -First as you datasheeet see the “Jesus” clip was lost and replaced by ba66109 piece of plastic. The reel motor is not that hard to sub either and it is just a matter of screw hole positions, thread type, shaft diameter and length.

The Idler they put in was for a play idler of a different model. Contact Us – Tapeheads. Your photo is not showing up in the thread. The there is the glue situation. Where to buy a good equivalent of the BFS-7B? This is also the 3 V speaker amp source ba66109 well. The DD motor works fine, the problem is on the reel motor and his driver circuit.

The biggest problem with Yamaha deck is that you can get any parts for datasheer and Datashet like Sony does not care to even deal with it- they want to sell you a new item. I have collected them off of all kind of assemblies that otherwise would have been thrown away. The motor drive designs are somewhat common in decks with DC reel motor designs and maybe a sub for the chip could be determined.


The reel motor is driven by a BA, a not-very rare part. But you will need to see why the supply voltages are out of whack.

I have used EGD-2B capstan motors and they can do the job. Originally Posted datsheet 20tajk Non working K Hi, a guy sent me a Yamaha K that needs to be fixed. Authorized servicer for virtually every brand on the planet at one time or another.

Same thing happened to me with RT Here is the pics of the motor: Well, I can understand that, because that capstan motor has its own set of drive electronics inside and definitely does not want to see reverse polarity, which is what that BA will deliver in rewind and slack-removal modes.

Sonics consultant for Denon. I guess if someone could provide a picture of a correct Idler for that model we could get more in the way of donations. What would be very difficult to deal with is if the capstan motor drive IC is bad. Hi and thanks guys, just discovered that the thread was replied. God only knows what’s happened to the driver in that situation. You might want to go through other parts decks to see if you can get the right assembly to work in that deck.

Originally Posted by Pacific Stereo What would be very difficult to deal with is if the capstan motor drive IC is bad. Firs order of business is get voltages back to where they need to be, then start looking for the parts to get the deck working again.

Ba6109 datasheet pdf

The EG motor is not the bad choice as these motors are the only stock solutions to the motors that are burned up or worn out. Hi, just received and replaced the BA, it datashert fine, now I need to put a new reel motor and make some adjustments of the recording circuitry left channel 1dB off.


Cassette All discussions pertaining to cassette decks. Obscure service subjects that don’t quite fit go in the Help and Do It Yourself subforum. PDF no fix, paper manual fixed.

I kind of wondered why a Capstan motor was used where a reel mote was required. I think this “mod” has burnt something in the power supply because the logic control and the tape counter doesn’t work.

Would you like to see dtaasheet company or site here? If it does not, it’s probably not fine. Very special and not made in any other IC that I know of. Being here can help due to the large amount of decks that are possible to access. Datazheet course your direction forward all depends on the head condition. It should be VC Pacific Stereo store manager, service manager, Central Service lead tech, liquidator at our demise and owner of what’s left.

This one can be used in the Teac A I also have a good assortment of E retaining rings if you want to datashete back to that.

Ba datasheet pdf free download

So far my experience with a company Hexunda was very bad but not all datasneet over there are up to no good. Find all posts by Skywavebe.

I promised to the owner to fix the deck bs6109 now I cannot give up Attached Images. Last edited by 20tajk7; at I think this deck was brought to a shop before I receive it and they was not able to fix it because they replaced the reel motor by a Find all posts by Pacific Stereo.

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