Badal Sircar (15 July –13 May ), also known as Badal Sarkar, was an influential Indian dramatist and theatre director, most known for. Girish Karnad (left) and Badal Sircar (second from right) inaugurating the third International Theatre Festival of Kerala in Photo courtesy. Badal (Sudhindra) Sircar continues to be an influential figure in Bengali, even Indian, theatre five years after his passing. He was from the educated middle.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This book achieves what many theatre histories have lacked.

The misunderstood genius of Badal Sircar

InBandopadhyay left Nandikar to form Nandimukh. Although we have long understood that set design, lights and of course audiences, among many other things, are co-makers of meaning in the playhouse, most theatre histories pay scant attention to their role in demarcating periods of theatrical history and motivating historical change. We were free to do whatever we wanted. Noted critic and commentator Sumanta Banerjee observed: Challenging complacency His was theatre as anti-establishment counterculture, ssircar normative middle-class mores and complacency, an attempt at conscientisation and awareness-raising, protest and political comment.

The message was overtly political, to highlight the abject economic, and the political condition of an overwhelming majority of have-nots. And this slim book of interviews is a great primer to have at your side when you dip into his works. A tall, well built, charismatic personality, he had a glorious speaking voice.


Furthermore, it brings in diverse. Throughout the interview, Badalda insists that sidcar stripped to its bare essentials will reveal the true essence and power of the medium, because we cannot hope to outspend a Hollywood or Bollywood product by mounting the sirvar of musicals on proscenium.

Inspired by it he created a play of enduring merit and fashioned out of it a theatre aesthetic that was both intimate and political and of immense appeal to people aware of and responsive to the sufferings of the deprived and the dispossessed.

Initially, Baba asked his friends to come over for informal adda over tea every Saturday evening at our place. Words, sound, movement, non-verbal improvisation must all combine to open up a critical debate on prevailing dogmas.

Badal Sarkar

The early s found Sircar as the only contemporary Bengali playwright concerned with the existentialist problems mainly of the urban middle-class in Bengal. Rather, I wanted to have a career of my own.

The paper discusses Indian poilitical theater with emphasis on Badal Sircar’s Third Theater in relation to the Westrern political theater. A pioneering figure in street theatre as well as in experimental and contemporary Bengali theatre with his egalitarian “Third Theatre”, he prolifically wrote scripts for his Aanganmanch courtyard stage performances, and remains one of the most translated Indian playwrights. Venkatarama Aiyar C.

Body becomes a central mode of communication and sometimes the only one, concurrent with both the text and the concept. This was also, baadal, the beginning of his disenchantment with the proscenium theatre. Utpal K Banerjee’s Bengali Theatre years provides that elaborate canvas and full range of what is understood as Bengali theatre or theatre in the Bengali or Bangla language from across the border.


The misunderstood genius of Badal Sircar – News

Badal Sarkar in Performance, necessarily as means of co-creation, constant evolution of the text to reveal the skeleton lurking behind the body of words badall not the royalty-driven, license-driven, rights-driven approach. Like these three, Sircar too was deeply influenced by the left and its political and socio-cultural ideals.

Kuppiah Pillai V. Kunju Kurup Shambhu Maharaj V. But basal, they ran out of ideas. I belong to a generation, where some of our theatre likes its bare essentials to be unsponsored.

The possibility of the annihilation of all life on earth through a nuclear war influenced his worldview. Local ingredients and sustainability are at the top of my list Instead of making New Year resolutions, dream The year of tinkering with genes The year the tigress died.

Sarkar was diagnosed with colon cancer in April Joshi Sumati Mutatkar T. Be first to comment Click here to cancel reply.

But I always felt a little uncomfortable being identified as ‘Badal Sircar’s daughter’. He revolutionised Bengali theatre with his wrath-ridden, anti-establishment plays during the Naxalite movement.

Rajam Ratan Thiyam T. Initially, Satabdi, founded instarted performing in what Sircar called the angan mancha —spaces likes rooms, halls and courtyards.

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