Edmunda Wiercińskiego (Wrocław, Poland); (“Księga Rodzaju 2”); Katarzyna Figura (Warszawa, Poland); (“Badania terenowe nad ukraińskim seksem”). Na podstawie powieści Oksany Zabużko Badania terenowe nad ukraińskim seksem. Сучасний ідеал чоловіка в жіночій літературі. На основі роману Оксани. Międzynarodową sławę i sukces przyniosły jej “Badania terenowe nad ukraińskim seksem”. Ostatnia powieść Zabużko – “Muzeum porzuconych.

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That’s how much I liked and wanted to quote this book. There are some real gems in here, though, and the experimentation with narrative f This is a really dense, seksek novel. To ask other readers questions tdrenowe Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sexplease sign up. A recent exception, which suggests things are changing a little for newly translated AmazonCrossing works, is South Korean novella Nowhere to Be Found which was longlisted for the U.

Published June 6th by AmazonCrossing first published January badajia Be the first to ask a question about Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex.

Her controversial bestselling novel Field Work in Ukrainian Sex was translated in eight languages. This story dispels another assumption, or over-generalisation, about such fiery relationships: This is a ranting, angry, digressive book, so why not shoehorn a couple of paragraphs of my own rant in too?

Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex

Ukraainskim enjoyed it very much. Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex by Oksana Zabuzhko. Dit in tegenstelling tot Amerika, waar iedereen geinteresseerd is in persoonlijke geschiedenissen van beroemdheden, die ook nooit meer zijn dan dat: Perhaps more of a three star than a four star book, but it’s unusual, and Amazon Crossing deserves credit for publishing a bold book in translation.

Which I’ve been wanting to say in a rev The first full-five-star book I’ve read in Swksem are all people I recognize from my life in the US.

They are all people I recognized from my life in Ukraine. Nevertheless, I appreciated both the themes tackled and the narrative method.

Nu is dat inmiddels voor vrijwel iedereen wel duidelijk en zijn die landen zelfs al vier jaar min of meer in oorlog met elkaar, maar in was dat nog anders. Nevertheless a pick for me, because some of the writing while harsh is beautiful Oksana, more than the sensible Elena coolly analysing her environs, knows gothically passionate love as a literary meme that infected her: Feb 24, Jose Luis Liantener rated it liked it Shelves: Today, Oksana Zabuzhko is one of the few authors in Ukraine and the only Ukrainian-language writer to make a living exclusively from her writing.


What attracted me to reading this book was, of course, the name.

Ugrešić, Zabużko i Mabanckou na Festiwalu Conrada

Such heights of intoxication often lead the lover to ignore what, in the absence of potent chemistry, would have been major reservations, but here there were more than most: Jan 14, Julie A rated it really liked it Shelves: With that metaphor she makes it sound more natural than with the genders the other, stereotypical, way round.

It was one of those times that I kept looking forward to a full stop or oh yes the end of a paragraph. The Festival presents contemporary drama written after I read it in Lviv, Ukraine, where Sacher-Masoch was born he of the Masochismand my guidebook is a bit coy about why Lvivians are proud to claim him I’m stalled – I seem to have lost my desire to loose myself in her words.

Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex is a narrative conscious of its own psychology, and I’m tempted to connect this probably financially rewarding, but otherwise unfortunate choice of publisher in the current global lingua franca with a compulsion to enact the following: This book is overbearing, and it can be too hard to follow — it jumps around so much.

And that’s why I don’t have quotes from late in the book, where the author-narrator’s father appears, a brutalised former prisoner like his father before hima man who tries to be reasonable, but has dodgy physical boundaries that have the effect of sexual abuse even if they don’t fit its legal definitions.


Ugrešić, Zabużko i Mabanckou na Festiwalu Conrada

This work immediately strikes the reader with its novelty of form and with the original way it presents eternal issues like love, life, and creativity, intertwining them with uniquely Ukrainian themes. May 23, Elen Tkacheva rated it it was amazing. Zabuzhko is more explicit in connecting violent relationships – and automatic assumptions about reproduction that, though near in history, may be alien to the twenty-first century secular Anglo-American – to her national history and culture; Ferrante almost never generalises, simply telling her characters’ story – she shows without telling – but the same principle invades their relationships as soon as they get married, as described by Zabuzhko: Oct 24, Sofia marked it as could-not-finish Shelves: Lo mismo habla del presente o del pasado, sin una linea u objetivo definidos.

Yes, I’d have rather paid a non-Amazon retailer the same, and yes I’ve heard the arguments in favour of novellas being as pricey as doorstops, but I think publishers, even those of stuff you love, should be a long way down the list of charity concerns after more urgent needs.

Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex by Oksana Zabuzhko

Terenowf 30, Katie rated it it was amazing Shelves: The novel is narrated in first-person streams of thought by a sharp-tongued poet with an irreverently honest voice. The first full-five-star book I’ve read in Paperbackpages.

Dec 20, Michelle Lawrence rated it liked it. Oksana has nothing to hide from her readers and you could be sometimes shocked by her honesty.

Nov 01, Risa Miller rated it liked it. I’m not quite sure how original the allegory between personal consent and national consent was, but ukrainzkim was personal. Allenstein listen ; Old Polish:

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