Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabha (Hindi: बहिष्कृत हितकारिणी सभा) is a central institution formed by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar for removing difficulties of the. Bahishkrit Bharat (Untouchable India). The following is from an editorial ( translated from Marathi) written by Babasaheb Ambedkar for one of. in Dalit History: Bahishkrit Bharat newspaper announced that those members of the Depressed classes who wanted to wash out the stigma of.

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Views View Edit History. We have followed the chronology of the Table of contents and the pages of corrected MS are arranged accordingly.

The duties of the different varnas are also mentioned in the Manusmriti. Therefore who should be the teacher is an important question for the welfare of the society. Sentiment must be outlawed from the domain of science and things should be judged from abhishkrit objective standpoint. It seems to me that the car has been shunted on wrong lines, and the primary object of the paper is to indicate what I regard to be the right path of investigation, with a view to arrive bharqt a serviceable truth.

The occupation of teachers and priests, for example, is reserved exclusively for Brahmins. Click on the image to get resources on Buddhism for Children. Email required Address never made public. In Kathiawad Gujarat there is a village named Lathi. Retrieved from ” https: In Hinduism the so-called law of karma merely serves the purpose of legitimizing the unjust varna-vyavastha by making the Shudras and the “untouchables” meekly accept their degrading position as a “result of their own deeds” in imaginary past lives, and by assuring them “better” birth in “next life” if they faithfully perform their varna-dharma in their present lives.

Therefore, the proposition P is true”.

This file may not be in the public domain outside India. As he wrote in Young India in”Hinduism does most emphatically discourage interdining and intermarriage between divisions Ambedkar replied that the view that all Brahmins were the enemies of the Untouchables was erroneous. The above definition of “Hindu” is clearly inadequate from a philosophical point of view. The propensity to imitate is a deep-seated one in the human mind and need not be deemed an inadequate explanation for the formation of the various castes in India.


Even a hundred-year old Kshatriya is to treat a ten year old Brahmin as his father. The que s tion we have to answer in this connection is: He is like a dog whose tail will never be straight. Every person is born with certain definite limitations which he cannot overcome.

I will therefore draw upon a few of the best students of caste for their definitions of it: Learn how your comment data is processed. There are occupational, religi o us etc.

Round Table India – From the pages of Bahishkrit Bharat

I disbelieve in idol-worship. Accordingly, it was announced on 26 June in Bahishkrit Bharat newspaper that those members of the Depressed classes who wanted to wash out the stigma of polluters attached to their whole class by the Mahad hindus bahishjrit their act of purification of the tank, and who wanted to denounce the act of assaults committed on their representatives should enlist themselves at office of Bahishkrit Hitakarni Sabha in Bombay presently Mumbai.

My study of the Caste problem involves four main points: From the pages of Bahishkrit Bharat. An introduction to Kya ishwar mar chuka hai? There are, according to Mimamsa, two kinds of authority bharag personal paurusheya and impersonal apaurusheya. Otherwise, he becomes a Shudra.

The logic of this obdurate circumstance is merciless, and it is in obedience to its force that some unfortunate groups find themselves enclosed, because others in enclosing, themselves have closed them out, with the result that new groups formed on any basis obnoxious to the caste rules by a mechanical law are constantly being converted into castes to a bewildering multiplicity.

In the very first chapter of Manusmriti, it is clearly stated that Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Bahishktit were created by Brahma creator of this world from his mouth, hands, thighs and feet respectively. I believe in the Varnashram dharma in a sense in my opinion strictly Vedic, but not in its present popular and crude sense. I would like to dispose of one last objection before concluding this section. But the share of the untouchables seems to nahishkrit been swallowed up by the Brahmins.


As far as fraternity is considered, we must not expect it to exist in a society, which is so unequal and unjust.

When the cycle is complete one Mahayuga is completed and a new Mahayuga opens. This image is a masthead of the first edition of MookNayak. He is an untouchable by caste. Puffing at a small achievement is a usual practice of Bhalakar. At one stage, he bahish,rit supported restrictions on interdining and intermarriage.

She can be degraded to a condition in which gahishkrit is no longer a source of allurement. I do not believe in the varnashram dharma or varna-vyavastha either in the sense in which it is explained in Hindu dharma shastras like Manusmriti or in the so-called Vedic sense. Notify me of new comments via email.

Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabha

Click on the image to get real life photos of Dr. The Sabha started one hostel at Solapur for high school students belonging to the depressed classes on 4 Jan This wasand no newspaper at that time was devoted to untouchables.

Again if he said that he is a Hindu because he believes in the caste system his answer cannot be accepted as satisfactory. All these stocks of people came into India from various directions and with various cultures, centuries ago, when they were in a tribal state.

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