Buy A Prison Diary: Volume 1 – Hell Reprints by Jeffrey Archer (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Title: A Prison Diary Volume I: Belmarsh: Hell (The Prison Diaries) Author(s): Jeffrey Archer ISBN: / (UK edition) Publisher: . Jul 26, When Lord Archer published volume one of his prison diary, Belmarsh: Hell, in , the critical consensus was that ‘Jeff’,as he likes to be.

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His prison trilogy is not about belamrsh injustices of prison but abo I’ve just finished reading all three books of the Trilogy and my first impression is how padded and repetitious they are. I’ve ordered the second and third diaries and cant’ wait for them to arrive.

Lord Archer’s true crime – Telegraph

Far from protecting him, his riches and fame added years to his sentence. I will not be reading either of those.

Instead the insight into the prison service and some of its more off-the-wall rules had me laughing, crying and full of righteous indignation as archef book progr I make no apology for being an avid Jeffrey Archer fan. Instead the insight into the prison service and some of its more off-the-wall rules had me laughing, crying and full of righteous indignation as the book progressed. I’ve been incarcerated in a cell five paces by three for twelve and a half hours, and will not be let out again His background seems to be riddled with eyebrow raising events.

I do not remember a single striking metaphor in the entire book. Within six hours, Prisoner FF, as he is now known, was on suicide watch in the medical wing of Belmarsh top security prison in south Hrll. We choose to read this book because he took many of his ideas from A Prisoner of Birth, which we really enjoyed from this prison experience.


Indeed, the most vivid pictures in Jeff’s diary are the glossy reproductions of the pencil sketches made by Shaun, another inmate. The second instalment, covering a period three times as long, is subtitled “Purgatory”.

As with all Archer’s books this is brilliantly written. Its all been said on here. Everyone wants to be his friend.

It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. Jefdrey 20, Stephanie Vaccarello rated it it was ok. Scott and I listened to this book together. This is a British prison so I may have felt too removed from it to appreciate it.

Paperbackpages. An informative and interesting book with tales of the inmates lives and how they heol up arcger incarcerated. His prison trilogy bekmarsh not about the injustices of prison but about his shrill cry of “not guilty”. Hellinthe critical consensus was that ‘Jeff’,as he likes to be known in the slammer, had surpassed himself.

I downloaded one of his free short-stories back in the winter from his “And Thereby Hangs a Tale” collection, and after just a few paragraphs in, I was immediately taken on an amazingly tantalising and tactile journey that pulled my emotions along in a very seamless manner.

He has confessed in interviews that that is a period he wants to forget. Pan Macmillan Publishers Ltd. Interesting insights into prison life and the British penal system but too sanctimonious for me. Jeff’s diary, a laugh-free zone, does have this one Wodehousean quality: Having been given the next 2 books as a gift, I will of course read them – but I’m not in a hurry to do so.

Apart from his portrait of Dale wounding with intent to endanger life aka ‘Big Mac’, he shows little interest in the lives of arxher fellows, and they, in turn, treat him as if he has just wandered in from the Lords. Lord Archer got convicted and sent to helk. Human nature being what it is Someone in for six weeks for a driving offence ‘banged up’ with a murderer? A thoughtful recollection of the impressions made and the people he met, forging in the short term some relationships he maintained some fifteen years later.


Archer’s diary is very poignant. This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. View all 3 comments. Can he, through Sergio, acquire a valuable Botero? Blemarsh time sad, at time eye opening, the experience opened his eyes to deficiencies in the British prison system that extends beyond the ordinary complaints of privilege seeking convicts to elevate actual problems that he belmarsn his extensive contacts can actually impact.

Prose and cons

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Interesting to read about his time in prison. He is a man who appears entirely focused on the flux of day-to-day existence, without any yearnings whatever for the transcendent. The volumes become progressively longer due to his stay being longer and longer at each prison he went to.

Mar 10, Elaine rated it really liked it. Track Order Your Cart. Jun 21, Tracey rated it liked it. Remove the padding and all three could easily be accommodated in one slim volume.

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