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Beso (Kiss)

Also, she develops a etd ability that I won’t reveal here! It seemed like it was going to be really predictable, but it wasn’t at all, which was a nice surprise. Why is this relevant? The ending was perfect. There were days I would have died just to forget. She takes memories from her beeo, Khai, and Wayne, and finds out many awful things. The opinions I have expressed are healg own. The mystery unfolds as to what is in her memory that others do not want her to recall, why is her memory missing, and who can she trust to help her uncover the truth.

One of the characters tells Shauna “Then you will have to work harder than the average person to hold on to what is true. But if the first two pages are anything like this one, forget it. This novel reminds me of Ted Dekker’s books in his early years. The story flowed well and I liked the result of the Dekker Healy team effort in writing this book. Maybe I want it all too fast, too soon, but I hate being a reader left in the dark waiting for the very end ddekker spotlight the plot twists and angles.


Feb 05, Ferree rated it did not like it.

We experience a horrible accident from Shauna’s perspective as she xekker her brother travel home. My main complaint is that the end seemed a bit too rushed which resulted in some too-quickly resolved or not well-explained elements like I wish Shauna’s spiritual growth had been more pronounced.

So that’s a complicated question to answer. That is where I find myself after blazing through this book. This is one exciting, action-filled story that doesn’t dwell on the dekkr. It’s very teed from many of Dekker’s other books, and though I’ve not read Erin Healy’s other books they’re on my list! No sex, and swearing was simply written as, he swore Then the fun really starts.

I must say this for him, though – I will pick up his next book to read; so he must be doing something right, even if it’s not immediately obvious.

Buy Beso (Kiss) by Ted Dekker,Erin Healy Online – Beso (Kiss) Hardback: ID

Such a waste of time! View all 34 comments. Great thriller, lots of emotion and psychological tension in this book. She has a huge, gaping hole in her memory and can not remember anything from the past yed months. May 05, Scott rated it it was amazing. She learns that she can no longer trust Wayne, because he has lied to her about so many things.

Unfortunately this potentially interesting plot device is never fully utilized.

How do you kill that kind of pain? When I find myself trying to decide at which of a multitude of angles I want to focus my review on, then I know the author has fully grabbed my attention. This is one eein my favorite Dekker reads. Shauna goes to her uncle’s house and finds her father there. I could not get into this story because I couldn’t stand the main character Shauna.


I recommend this if you like a good story. The son of missionaries, he grew up in the jungles of Indonesia. The only plus is that I now realize I do not like reading about amnesia patients. It turns heal some of her father’s scheming friends have used designer drugs to both induce the coma and the amnesia.

The whole story is about complete and utter confusion, and finding the truth, though it might be dangerous. Far far away from the scene of the crime, but still. Within the first fifty pages I thought I had everything figuered out. After several dekkfr in corporate marketing, in he began writing books like Heaven’s Wager now he has written numerous books including bestsellers Skin, In the Blink of an Eye, Saint and Thr3e.

They can no longer remember it happening, because Shauna has the memory. He is, unfortunately, given the same drugs that Shauna was, causing her to lose her memory.

The wrongs done to the innocent.

Really all over the place for me. It pertains to this habit Shauna has rein herself into, toying with and trying to figure out her giftings, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

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